Saturday, July 2, 2011

增輝大排檔 - (Jang Fai Dai Pai Dong)


  Sham Shui Po is probably one of the most under-developed rural suburbs which has not only managed to keep its heritage intact for the last 50 years but also secured its reputation as the remaining Dai Pai Dong epi-center of Hong Kong.   You could find a DPD on a number of side streets here -  although you’ll need to venture a few blocks away from the MTR station away from the comfort zone,  as you might run the risk of becoming lost in your adventures!   Use GPS!    Even for a local,  it is not easy to navigate the way around this area.     Jang Fai DPD is mostly famous for its Charcoal Grilled Suckling Pig,  but it has other dishes which are one of its kind.   Not everything works, so I’ve put in an * next to the dishes I like the best!  


雙味雞腳根 -  Chili and Mustard Flavoured Chicken Leg Tendons
This can also be eaten in Michelin 1 Star “Hung’s Delicacies” .  The version here is slightly more dense and the mustard too pungent.   But its good with beers!     ~  6.5/10


花枝釀皮蛋  -  Fried Squid Encased Thousand Year Old Egg
A Chinese scotch egg?   This wasn’t very crunchy on the outside. 
Not bad but not exceptional, especially on execution!   ~   6/10


糊椒豬肚浸花甲 -  Pig’s Stomach and Pepper Soup with Clams
This is quite peppery here but the soup could do with more pork or clams flavour in my opinion.
It’s a very local clams and soup dish  ~   7/10


* 頭抽豉油盤雞 -  Soy Sauce Poached Chicken  (Fresh Chicken)
This is one of their Signature Dishes but surprisingly,  no one seems to have ordered it when checking Openrice.  The sweetish soy sauce goes well with white rice.  The chicken was tender and full of flavour, with just a hint of rose wine.  Excellent and surprised to find such quality here.  Only 10 available per night,  so must advance-order!     ~   9/10


* 砵仔焗魚腸 – Baked Fish Intestines and Liver with Eggs
Almost like a quiche, this comes with chinese crullers, bit of dried fruit peels, and a fair bit of white pepper added.   Not a dish that is easily done right.  The version here is a more rustic type,  about mid-range in quality.    ~   6.5/10


* 炭燒乳豬 -  Charcoal Grilled Suckling Pig  $388*
Real Charcoal Grilling is rare to find in Hong Kong nowadays, this is one of the exceptionally rare places still practising it.  They cook it outside the shop to get around the law!    This was ok-good,  skin was crisp and there’s some fragrant meat under.  A bit tiny though for the price.  But well worth a try once or twice ~   7/10



* 炸大腸  -  Fried Pig’s Large Intestines *
These are sliced lengthways then fried, eaten with a sweet and sour sauce.  A lot of these could have a powerful intestinal taste and I especially dislike the pig’s flavour usually.  The one here was cleaned pretty well and was crunchy.   Great with beers !    ~   7/10



* 豉油皇炒麵  -  Wok Fried Noodles with Soy Sauce *
This is one of their signature noodles and it is very good!   With a nice caramelised soy sauce aroma and taste,  great wok-chi and al dente noodles -  with just the right amount of bean sprouts and chinese chives.  Not oily either. We encored this dish!   ~   9/10




Price:   Roughly $150 to $200 with Beers
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -  06:30am - 02:00am

Address:  深水埗石硤尾街38號
38 Shek Kip Mei Street, Sham Shui Po
2778 8103


  1. OMG this looks amazing, apart from the innards that i don't quite enjoy. Thanks for the Sham Shui Po eating tips!

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    Yeh this place is not bad, I think its more about the atmosphere and drinking a lot of beers than the food. Having said that the food is not too shabby and very LOCAL! : )

    Me no big fan of pig innards too lol! Cow and others are ok. Don't like pork smell much XD

  3. I'm liking the 'Scotch egg' - out of curiosity, was there a coating on the egg?

  4. Mr Noodles - I don't know to be honest, but I don't think I noticed any floury/egg coating, but then again without any flour, the minced quid should fall right off. I know a few shops does this - I think this was could have been better but its edible enough :)

  5. i am intrigued by the scotch eggs too. maybe i should try to recreate at home, but more than that, i wanna try this place. the food looks yum!

  6. The Pi Tan Scotch Eggs are such a good idea !! with Squid too : )



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