Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gelateria Gamberini - (Bologna, Italy)

  This oddly colored Gelato shop doesn’t look overly appealing from externally,  the truth be told,  but it is actually part of the famous Gamberini group which is found a few doors down from here.   Using Steel Canisters and accurate Temperature Control over the various Gelati and Tutto Frutti sorbets,   this seems to be a trendy thing nowadays in new age Gelato shops.   It can also be found here at Di San Crispino



Awful,  awful lighting..


A variety of Pastries and Gelati and even toppings on offer..


There are some ice cream sandwiches options,  also available.  Or the Cassate or Tartufi,  or even Millefoglie and Sacher options!   Interesting… 

Cioccolato,   Fichi e Noci -
It was obvious to me that this is not purely artisanal gelati just going by color alone,  but the taste was definitely very appealing.  The Chocolate flavour was rich but smooth,  but also carried a nice milky taste in the background.   It was the Walnut and Fig gelato which won my heart however.  It was sweet yet nutty at the same time,  a very good combo.  Lovely flavours and texture!   ~  8.5/10

Price:   €4,00 
Dessert:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: Via Ugo Bassi, 12 - 40100 - Bologna

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