Friday, August 3, 2012

Authentic Kobe Beef @ Nobu - (Hong Kong)

  Did you know,  the world famous Kobe Beef from Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, aka 神戸ビーフ brand, was never exported to other countries until recently in 2012?   A lot of customers are often misled by false marketing...  There is a difference between normal Wagyu Beef and real Kobe Beef -  it is not helped by the fact America and Australia both tried to market some of their Wagyu as Kobe Beef by exploiting the name.   Real Kobe Beef must come from Hyogo and Kobe of Japan.   Whether you are a fan of real Kobe Beef is another separate issue!   The good news then, Nobu in Hong Kong is privileged to have received the best cuts of authentic Kobe Beef recently during August 2012.   You might also find Kobe Beef at certain supermarkets but the grading of those meats will be slightly inferior to the grades available at Nobu.   As a side note,  I personally believe that Hong Kong’s Nobu is possibly the best of the Nobu restaurants in the world.   Hong Kong customers aren’t as receptive to Peruvian-Japanese-American fusionized dishes,  so on top of the usual Nobu Matsuhisa signature dishes  (which are quite frankly becoming a little tired for the last 10 years),  the Hong Kong branch of Nobu actually carries an additional range of Hong Kong only specials created by Hideki Endo and Erik Idos,  plus there is a much better selection of fish sashimi here due to the proximity to Japan.   I would say the HK Nobu trumps the London and Melbourne outlets easily,  having visited them a few times.



Nobu Sake -

Shira Ume -  HKD $135
Vodka, Plum Wine and Lime Juice.   I think it needed more plum wine as this component was a bit weak.  But having Vodka in it,  it can make your head go dizzy without knowing why !   ~  6.5/10

A Signature Nobu Mocktail  -  Yuzu Punch
For my dining companion..  Apparently there wasn’t enough Yuzu flavour however.

Dried Miso and Spinach Salad,  with Grilled Scallops -  $250
This was bigger than we initially envisaged, it was generous in portion and surprisingly tasty.  The dried miso powder worked well with the very fresh and plump spinach leaves,  but somehow we detected some truffle influence in the background vinaigrette.  The Scallops were grilled perfectly,  topped with some fried onions.  A very appetizing Salad for summer months.   ~   9/10

Fried Pork Cheeks with Apple and Wasabi Zuke – $198
Simply sublime!  The pork cheek had a right balance of strong meat and fat flavour,  but the grease is cut down by the presence of both pickled wasabi,  as well as apple slices.  Add a dash of squeezed lemon juice and it was sensational.  A Hong Kong only dish.  ~  10/10  

House Special Maki Roll -  $150
This is wrapped with a thin Daikon sheet.  The roll is filled with various fishes, crab, tobikko roes and avocado.    It is quite refreshing,  and the grated Wasabi is totally addictive.  ~  8/10

Creamy Spicy Crab – $255
This was interesting,  but part of the crab meats were better than others.  The spicy mayonnaise based sauce just screams new style fusion,  but the tobikko roes gave it an interesting crunch factor!    This would probably work with some plain rice.   ~  6.5/10

Charcoal Grilled Authentic A5 Kobe Sirloin,  Medium – $1050
The grilling was very well done,  with a crispy crust on the outside and carrying the rare charcoal aroma!   Nom Nom!   The Kobe Sirloin was quite fatty and therefore is ordered Medium as is recommended by the chefs.   It is quite oily but may be we expected more of a melt-in-your-mouth experience,  but nevertheless this was quite nice indeed!   ~  8/10


Sauces to go with the Kobe Beef -
A Wasabi zuke sauce,  a slightly Chili sauce which we preferred the best,  and a Sesame sauce.
I actually fished out my pocketable Murray River Pink Salt instead to eat with the beef,  as I didn’t want to spoil the flavours.  But that’s not to say these sauces aren’t good either!  Purely personal preference.


Charcoal Grilled Perfectly -
Very good cooking actually. 


photo (2)-1
Nobu Chocolate Bento – $130
When this arrived I was actually quite shocked and in a positive way!   I have had this same dessert in London and Melbourne before numerous times and never once did I find it impressive.  But the Hong Kong Nobu’s version was easily the prettiest and looking neat,  topped with some popping candy and the maccha ice cream looking so prettily quenelled.   Both of these also tasted fantastic and well done!   Although I haven’t visited the Nobu’s in the States,  I am still surprised at how much better these tasted and as presented in the HK Intercontinental Hotel’s Nobu branch.  Very Lovely dessert !   Wouldn’t say the same when ordering at other Nobu’s though   ~  10/10


Price:  HKD 1,250 Per Person.   (They presently offer a HSBC Platinum 25% Off promotion)
Ease of Access:  3.5/5  (Tsim Sha Tsui Station,  Walk underground to Intercontinental Hotel)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Mon to Sun:    12:00pm to 12:00am

Address: 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號香港洲際酒店2樓
2/F, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph:  2721 1211


  1. Nobu HK prices are astronomical, seems ridiculous to be paying over US$30 for a salad (even though it has scallops). Very interesting how Macau and HK are now approved regions for Kobe beef export, glad that steak was good!

  2. Beef No Guy - U know what I really felt... Yes I did think the prices were highish in the HK Nobu, but globally the prices work out pretty much the same but the portions here were actually slightly bigger. (The Kobe Beef aside, which I could eat 5 times as many xD).

    I still have to re-emphasize on the point that HK Nobu's execution is very neat, more with hot food than sushis. This is not something I have previously found at other Nobu's. The same can be said about Robuchon L'atelier HK, vs the much better Robuchon au Dome Macau or Robuchon La Maison Tokyo - some people can't tell a difference, but to others they know something is not quite right! Just in the very small details : ) That Chocolate Bento here looked way better than the ones I've tried elsewhere!



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