Sunday, August 26, 2012

La Pâtisserie des Rêves - (Paris)

   Philippe Conticini is the main perpetrator behind this relatively new patisserie shop arrival into Paris and Japan.   It’s hard to decide exactly where to begin,  but he has led the French National pastry team to have won the International Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie en 2003 award.  Philippe also worked in many a Michelin 1-3 Stars restaurants and pastry shops and on top of his impressive CV,  some of his pastry inspirations are known to be derived from Japanese influence,  in particularly his version of the circularly piped modern Paris Brest.   His other signature includes an improvised St Honore cake.     I am going to tell you however, I deliberately didn’t order these 2 items.   1st of all I have already had some utterly amazing mille-feuilles and eclairs from both Jacques Genin and Sadaharu Aoki alone,  from which I wanted to compare the alternatives in terms of executions.


This is the New Outlet -
In the 16e,  along Rue de Longchamp.
It is said to be more spacious and where quality can be ensured. 
(But Shop outlets do vary,  so I will need to try others to know better..!)

The Glass Domes -
It looks pretty enough,
But about the final products quality… ??  Yet to find out.

Arrrghh…  I can’t breathe.  Let me out !!
Just saying.  These are just displays after all.   The final ordered products come from somewhere below the shop,  behind the scene.   It’s all a bit hidden and secretive.


They didn’t look as pretty or neat as I’d thought -
After all,  this is meant to be one of the hottest pastry shops in Paris right now..

Some Marshmallows and Turkish Delights -
It is not only about French pastries here either,  with other European inputs.


The Reve’s Signatures -  Japanese inspired Paris Brest,  & St Honore
Although I didn’t ordered these due to explained reasons above,  I still think pâte feuilletée and choux pastries are already presented below somewhat,  just minus the toffeed coating on the St Honore.  


A Terrace, for enjoying the Afternoon in the open -


Aqua Chiara,  is not a brand of Mineral or Rain water -
It is a purification technology process,  which converts local tap water into something drinkable and to reduce carbon footprint and hydro-carbons.   A similar water can be found at Michelin 3 Starred The Fat Duck (Bray, UK) and other restaurants have begun adopting this gradually.


Viennoiserie items also on offer -
The brioche feuilletee au sucre is in fact another silent signature here,  you can see it displayed in prominent places inside the shop.   I even have the photos.   Wanted to eat it but it was too much of the same.  Next time !



Fresh Mille Feuille -
I actually only ordered this because when I walked in,  the staff were freshly slicing a big slab of this on the preparation table...  My initial choice otherwise would have been the St Honore version which had the same base beneath.   The most ironic thing?   This was freshly prepared and looked good enough,  but the end result was kind of ‘wet’.   The layers were there,  but it didn’t cut or bite through cleanly and appeared almost stale.  The crème patisserie was also a little weak in taste.  It is unfair to say this because this particular type of pastry doesn’t last long at prime condition,  but somehow I have had better at other places.   ~  6.5/10


Chocolate Éclair -
Choux Pastry base.  I guess this is still relatable to their more famous Paris Brests and St Honore?   This looked the deal with a malleable chocolate sheet bended around the choux pastry.   May be I was unlucky a second time,  but the choux was again limpy and caved in to fork pressure at will.  The taste was good overall mind you,  but with so many customers walking through the door already today and ensuring a good turnover rate,  I was starting to become skeptical…   ~  6.5/10




Price:   €20
Ease of Access:  2/5  (More on the Western side of Paris.  Near Arc de Triumph enough,  within 15 min walk.)
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2 – ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Tues-Sat 10:00am - 20:30pm
Sun 08:30am - 14:00pm

Address: France,  Pierre Hermé 72 rue Bonaparte 6e. 

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