Friday, August 10, 2012

梅光軒 Baikohken - (Hong Kong)

  This is a new overseas store of the most famous Ramen shop in Asahikawa of Hokkaido.  It’s found at a corner of the brand new & more upscale Jason’s Food and Living supermarket,  under the newly opened Hysan Place building.   Let’s have a preview glance at what they are offering here then!   By the way,  the Hokkaido Michelin Guide 2012 has this on the recommended list. 


Asahikawa region from Hokkaido,
Specifically is most famous for their broth of Soy Sauce based,  Pork & Chicken bones and slight Seafood influenced soup.  A bit of everything.   The noodles are ‘chopped up’ curly noodles (中細ちぢれ麺),  which might remind you of Katong Laksa from Singapore as they are shorter than the usual noodles.   


Original Soya Version – 旭川 醤油ラーメン $75
The soup is finely balanced between a few flavours,  a typical target of a hybrid W-Soup  (Wスープ).   I liked the soup a lot but it doesn’t really jump out in your face.  The noodles are very wheaty actually,  in fact it tasted almost like they were fried a bit first.    The Char Siu pork is as per the original shop made from Pork Leg meat,  which are slightly leaner and suits the diet conscious.   The Bamboo Shoots are more of the weaker type,  which I appreciate.    Overall this ramen is very balanced.  I have a feeling it won’t wow many customers -  unless you like balanced ramens!

Take Away Fried Ramen Pellets -
Apparently same taste as the soup versions,
and based on Soy Sauce and W Soup.   I think these taste more of chicken flavour.
Actually I like these sorts of snacks.  These nibbles are quite addictive.

From the Japan store -

Michein Guide Hokkaido 2012 – Original Shop has a Recommendation


Price:   HKD $75 Per Person  (This was part of the Jason’s Invitation event.)
Ease of Access:  5/5  (Causeway Bay MTR Station,  Exit F to Hysan Place.  Go to Jason’s Supermarket on the bottom floor.)
Food:  Need to Try More to Tell.

Opening Hours -
Address:  Jason’s Food and Living,  500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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