Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pierre Herme ( II ) - (Paris)

  The rue Bonaparte shop of Pierre Herme has been on my must return to-do-list consecutively for the last two visits to this well known Parisian Chocolatier and Patisserie shop.    Café de la Mairie as explained during the previous review,   is where I normally take my pastries to chow down on asap, as they have an agreement somewhat with each another.   Please read that review to see how the fees can be waived.    If I can’t finish them on spot I will take them back to the hotel.  There are a few other Pierre Herme outlets in town but numerous sources have told me to visit here only.   A previous review of this same shop can be found at Pierre Herme (I), when I ate slightly different items to this time around.  

The Pierre Herme Rue Bonaparte Shop -
I was once told,   carried the most complete selection. 
I have seen some other Pierre Herme outlets, 
and to me the stuff here definitely looked the freshest.

Many Neat Looking and Pretty pastries here -
Where to begin,  ummmm?  Want to eat them all all over again!


Looking Great -
In fact,  I think these taste less sweeter than years ago for some reason.
Seems to be more lighter somewhat,  though not as light as the Japan pastry version.

Orangettes –
Candied orange coated in Chocolate.
This is for tasting,  and different from the Mendiant chocolate last time.



Macaron Flavours -
Including seasonal ones.

Rose & Jasmine -
Eden – Peach, Apricot & Saffron
Wanted to eat these as soon as possible,  since the last visit had these go super soft by night time.   Although the flavours were generally great,  the Rose & Jasmine flavoured one definitely had a soggy 1 side,  and the overall textures of these didn’t give enough resistance to a bite!    Fillings wise,  Hugo & Victor ones are similar in taste.  Gerald Mulot on the other hand had exciting fillings within the gerbet.   ~  7/10

Ispahan Croissant -
On top of the normal Ispahan macaron cake,  they have a few Ispahan creations.  This croissant was simply sublime to bite into,  it broke apart in your mouth like a millions shards of glass,  with a crystalline noise.   Not only that but it had alternating layers of raspberry,  lychee and rose petals.  ~  12/10

Pierre Herme Cannele/Canele -
This is the most perfect canale I have eaten in memory,  It had a perfect balance between a crispy outside shell with burnt-caramelised aroma,  inside a right mix of rum, milk and vanilla,  it even looked just right in the cross section.   The Laduree version was also quite nice but this was at another unattainable level.    Nothing I have tried elsewhere comes even close,  this was that good!   ~   15/10



Citron Tart -
Haha..  Theoretically,  anyone can do a great canele or a citrus tart.  But they usually don’t,  or at best is missing bits here and there.   But the one at Pierre Herme was utterly perfect.   The  pate sucre base did not fall apart,  but it crumbled easily under pressure.  This was of the best level I have ever tried.  The lemon curd was tart (pun intended!),  but balanced with lime and sugar and no sharp drop offs,  it was simply astonishing in taste.   ~  10/10




Price:   €20
Ease of Access:  3/5  (Just around St Sulpice
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕ - ♕♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -

Tue-Fri, Sun:  10am-7pm
Sat:   10am-7.30pm

Address: Pierre Hermé 72 rue Bonaparte 6e
Ph: 001 435 447 77


  1. haha, i love it when things get ridiculous scores!

  2. Jon - yeh sometimes when I eat it and know it's been the taste I have expected all along, you feel like crying out in excitement : D



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