Wednesday, August 1, 2012

JW Marriott Hotel, Shenzhen - (China)

  I received an Invitation to stay for 1 night at the newish Shenzhen JW Marriott Hotel via email,  situated about an hour north of Hong Kong  (Note: additional VISA might be required).   Although occasionally I receive invitations to such an opportunity or sometimes I might have won an online competition hotel or airline package,  up until this stage I have never actually gotten a chance to realise these,  blame it on bad timing and when I am sometimes out of town for months.   But I really wanted to take a break and re-think about my future,  so this opportunity was not to be missed on this long weekend.   On top of the complimentary one night,  I also decided to stay longer and pay more to stay and relax for a bit.  The usual rate for an executive room is around 1,600 RMB per day including breakfast.   Quite cheap by international standards but probably on the higher end by China’s normal charge rate,  although this hotel and it’s facilities were so good,  I would consider it to be above many of the 5-6 Stars Hotels I have stayed at globally.   This latter bit was surprising as it almost seemed a bit of an overkill for a hotel in the Chinese Mainland when no one really cares.   The room service lady took attention to the smallest of details here,  even tidying up your iPhone cable into a pretty knot when it’s not in use.   I think I made the right decision to pay myself to stay for longer,  just to spend some private time for a relaxing weekend ! 

Hotel Lobby -
With the glowing columns and water fountain. 
Seems like a bit of dosh has been spent to make this hotel stand out from the rest.
At least it is not very 娘,  or old school and all bling bling…  Let us just monitor and see for now.


Quite Green for China -
Over looking a massive local Golf Course. This isn’t the typical Shenzhen scenery, I never knew this side of the story existed to be honest until I saw it with my own eyes.  It reminds me of Central Park.  An oasis in the middle of an urbanized city.

Day Time -
They took the effort to fold my bathroom clothes and also my iPhone cable. 
This was seriously World standard if not much more than expected.   

Night Time -
Free Wi-Fi included throughout the hotel. 
Must Start blogging !

The Bathroom -
Really cool looking and spacious.
The bath towels and green plants,  they look quite neat.


The Bath Tub and Shower,  with Amenities -
The design was quite unexpected,  as it sacrificed a lot of space just to create this spatial effect.  I think ladies will really like this set up.  I was quite happy with this architectural design actually,  you get privacy but at the same time you have options.  Notice they even give you a Mint Mouth Rinse by default,  something which is not usually found in a hotel package.

Alarm Clock -
Futuristic cyber lookalike clock.
The time it is showing when I took this pic was coincidentally,  my Birthday’s digits.
Someone buying me a present soon next year,  I hope !  Winking smile

Coffee Machine In-Room -
Using Coffee pods.  There are also some take-away cups for your convenience.
Coffee quality wise,  knowing me,  I would just say it’s as good as you would find with Nespresso machines.    Each to their own..  Afterall,  I have seen give 91 pointers to certain Nespresso capsules.   So let’s not debate about coffee pods on my blog !


Fruit Platter,  as found in the Room -
There is no champagne,  but there is a neat looking platter with seasonal fruits.
It just made the room so much more livelier.  I was very happy with this stay overall. 

Executive Office Desk -
This is just so executive.  In case you can’t get your Wi-Fi to work, they also supply the LAN cable in the swede coiled bag.  Their network ISP allows you to access Facebook freely.  Not sure if you are already aware,  but within China , one normally cannot access their Facebook pages or many other websites.  It might sound funny,  but that is what communism can do to you even in the 21st Century,  even if they vehemently deny the truth yamn…    But here,  they have set up the network to bypass all of the mind police hassles.   International hotel guests aren’t going to set up a V.P.N.,  just to check websites or facebook when traveling past China for a few days.  But here  at this hotel they have bypassed the whole restrictions and is really worth noting.   (I have a feeling I have to delete this bit of the review,  it isn’t meant to be officially published.  But for me this is a very important issue when I connect with my friends everyday)

Morning Breakfasts -
A good mixture of Chinese and Western food available.
I think the best time to arrive is around 6:30 to 7:00am,  when the food selections are full and at their primmest state.




Price:  Hotel Room Approximately RMB15,00-16,00 Per Double Bed,  Executive Room
Ease of Access:  2/5  (Take a Taxi for around 5-10 minutes from Lok Ma Chau Train Station)
Hotel:  ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 福田車公廟深南大道6005號金茂深圳JW萬豪酒店二樓
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen, 6005 Shennan Boulevard, China
Ph:  (0755) 2269 8888


  1. Nice fruit platter. would die for that. even peninsula is not that extensive when it comes to the fruit platter

  2. Michelle - apparently this Fruit Platter is only given to VIP guests hehe. Lucky me : )

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