Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Estate Coffee - ( Copenhagen, Denmark )

  Ok this late 2012 holiday trip to Europe wasn’t really meant to be a foodies or coffees discovery trail as I just wanted some time off from it all.  I don’t go all out to judge shops but here it was just because it was minutes away to my Best Western hotel in Copenhagen by walking distance.    It sounded promising enough being the official supplier to the so-called No.1 Restaurant in the World called NOMA.  Estate Coffee roasts and supply their French Press coffees over at Noma, they are also known as a splitted group from the equally World-Class café Coffee Collective.  It was getting me hyped up indeed and they luckily ended up delivering to my liking of coffee in my own biased preference.  Open-mouthed smile



Coffees are Roasted on Site here -
There are a few different blends and Single Origin offerings.
Some are made to suit hardcore roasty coffee drinkers,  some are loyal to their terroir.  I like their striving to be balanced between all customers philosophies here.

Pastries and Viennoiserie offerings -
Didn’t get to try but looks decent but generic, rather than Artisanal baked.    Understandable from a Café’s point of view if no one appreciates it anyway!



nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALa Minita,  Costa Rica  (Espresso ) -
This was quite alive fruity and also balanced and very Scandinavian fruity style.  I honestly don’t care much about the people who scream out over sour coffees nowadays,  but this is a coming world trend and over here it performed flawlessly alive and very well balanced,  without any annoying notes either way.  Lovely shot indeed for 3rd Wave coffee drinkers.  ~  9/10

Several Offerings of Coffee Beans here -
Some are more normal and some are more small scale farmed limited. 

Coffee Estate has Pedigree in it’s Background -
I only had 1 shot of coffee as I was too full and over-dosed to drink more before I could throw myself up.  Luckily I discovered here anyway after a mention by NOMA Restaurant and right next to my hotel during the night.  This was highly satisfying and definitely right up there with the best of Espressos.   What about the Hand Drip coffees and the Milk coffees ?   I am yet to find out..





Price: DKK $28 per Person.
Ease of Access:   4/5  (Nearby to 2 Train Stations, just 1 stop from Central HB Station by 3 mins walk. )
Coffee:   ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Open until 8pm or abouts.  Can’t find much information online yet.

Address: Gammel Kongevej, 1 1610. København,  Denmark.
Ph: +45 38 11 12 11

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