Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fugazi [Hong Kong] - Grill Bar & Sarawak Laksa in Kennedy Town

 Fugazi is opened by the British Dining Group behind Shoreditch just adjacent opposite to here. At Fugazi, their offerings are more about Beers, Wines by the glass and also Grilled Sticks - the latter not necessarily Japanese style but more South East Asian based in general. 

Bar Area and the relatively Short Bar Menu -

Sate Manis (Beef) - $36
When I saw this on the Menu, it didn't mention the units of Sates.  However when this finally came I was still a bit shocked by how tiny and thin the stick was and there was only 1 singular stick.  The Sate Peanut sauce is on the sweeter side,  and there are no cucumbers or pineapples, onions, etc.  I would probably suggest to avoid ordering this, unless you come on Wednesday when they have All You Can Eat for $248.  ~ 5.5/10

Sarawak Laksa - $68
This Eastern Malaysian Laksa has a different recipe than many of the more coconutty Nyonya or other Curry Laksa's, Asam Laksa, etc.  Its base Sambal paste is more about galangal, nuts, tamarind, etc.  This version here looked the real deal with omelette strips, prawns, chicken, bean sprouts, etc.  It had a really good soupy base although by default is not that chili, so do request for more hotness if you desire it.  ~ 8/10

The Vermicelli - 
Seems thinner than the original Sarawak Laksa's default noodles.  All in all this was good addictive, although I cannot remember how accurate or authentic this is compared to the Sarawak Kuching versions to compare.  But for only $68, this is mildly satisfying for HK Context !

Price: HKD $101 +10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 西環堅尼地城吉席街21號地舖
G/F, 21 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
Ph: 28177377

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