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便宜坊 Bianyifang - (Beijing, China)

 I have posted about traditional Peking Duck reviews here previously but I never got around to posting all of my Beijing visits.   Since I am now drooling over my memories of a real authentic Peking Duck from Beijing ,  I thought I will post a review of what I thought at that time was one of the best Peking Ducks I ate in it’s homeland.   Other Peking Duck reviews from Beijing can be found at the following -  QuanjudeMade in China and Da Dong.  



Bianyifang 便宜坊 uses a Closed Oven for roasting their Ducks -
The 焖炉烤鸭 method here differs from the other Open Ovens.   Although authentic Peking duck shops already use real Lychee, Apple and other Fruit Tree woods for roasting,   their other advantage here is that the ducks are marinated with fruits first to 1st to impart even more flavour.. 




Chinese Beer -
Looks a bit ‘hot air’ if you ask me about it’s colour..  Smile with tongue out




Garlic, Peking Duck sauce and Cucumber -
The condiments here are a bit simple and not as sophisticated as it’s competitors.  The sauce here however was quite interesting,  both smoky and fruity.     ~  6.9/10




Fried 3 Types of Duck Innards -  爆鴨三祥
This had stir-fried Duck Gizzards,  Livers and Hearts and also Meat,  which makes it 4 different duck parts.  Interesting duck innards dish.   ~  8/10



Sesame Bun and Mandarin Crepes -
Outside of Peking,  you won’t see the former bun much.  But it is almost a given item when you eat Peking Ducks in Beijing itself..



Duck finally arrives !



Duck Head and Meat -
In Beijing,  Peking Ducks as mentioned before are served with both Duck Head and a Tail …  it symbolizes good fortune with a good start and a good finish.   I don’t think this tradition is practiced outside of Beijing.   ~  7.5/10


Carved Duck Breast and Duck’s Back -
Crispy outside with a subtle fruity marinade,  the Closed Oven definitely worked wonders as the duck meat managed to keep it’s moisture and tenderness.   Surprisingly however and unlike other Beijing Institutes,  no Crispy Belly Skins were given here.  Carved so beautifully.. ~  8/10



Moist Duck Meat -
They achieved this without using too oily a duck with duck fat. 
Kudos to their cooking method and oven here...




Peking Duck in the Crepe,
and also sandwiched in the Sesame Bun with condiments. 
This is how Peking Ducks are really eaten in Beijing…




Duck and Tofu Soup -
Unfortunately every single duck soup I drank in Beijing was diluted and mostly flavorless,  despite the milky appearance which fools the eyes  ~  5/10




Peking Duck Master putting a Duck into the Burning Furnace, 
before closing the Iron Door -
Reminds me of a brazen bull punishment tool for some reason ..




便宜坊 Bianyifang  -
This particular outlet used to be located downstairs on a strip of waste land,  but nowadays they moved upstairs into the shopping mall opposite.   Dating back to the Ming Dynasty from the 14th Century,  even the resurrected newer duck shops still goes way back to 1855.   France has Bordeaux,  China has Peking Duck,  both of the same vintage.   Good reason to eat and drink them together!



Price:   RMB 117
Ease of Access:  2/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕

Numerous Outlets and Address:



  1. Haha! I went to a restaurant for the same name in Beijing last time, but it was for a cheap (tour operator) dinner.....

    Totally different experience....

  2. 陳真,

    Wow how come looks so different!! Is that even same Restaurant Group ? Haha.
    Actually this shop is not even cheap, just the name!

    If anyone is reading the above comment - please take note! I have to update the address of this exact shop I went to then.




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