Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Le Quincy - (Paris)

 This auberge-themed restaurant was chosen because I was hoping to rekindle my love for the Caillette dish,  which is a specialty sausage dish one traditionally finds from somewhere in-between Marseille and Lyon but you can spot them on many menus in Lyon.    This auberge also receives a recommendation in, as well as earning a rating of 26/30 in the Paris Zagat Guide for food,  and receiving a recommendation in the Michelin Guide. 



The Service here can only be described as Non-French -
They give you recommendations with a smile, 
I really think Paris has changed a lot all these years.  Smiles are back!




On the House -
A sparkling Pestillant wine and a very lovely pork Saucisson sausage.   The French definitely are the world’s best connoisseurs when it comes to food.  Every dinner session naturally starts with some appetizers and aperitif drinks,  and it usually ends with plenty of cheese and desserts to be complete.    ~  9/10



Baguette and Butter -
In Paris standards,  this is average normal bread. 
By overseas standards,  it is probably an enjoyable baguette.    At least it was fresh and has flavour.



2009 Domaine des Nymphes,  Rasteau,  Southern Rhone -
This wine is pretty special,   because this year was the first vintage of Rasteau Dry Reds from the region which got bumped up to finally receiving the 2010 Rasteau A.O.C. status.  Which normally encompasses only sweet fortified wines and can be amazing.   Previously Dry Reds from this region prior to 2010 were labeled as a Cotes du Rhone Villages grade only.    This was Euro 26 from memory but very quaffable.  Dominated by new French oak and smoky violet fruits and black pepper.  


Caillette Ardechoise – Euro 13
The reason I came.  Basically this to me is one of the best artisanal sausages in the world that I can remember devouring -  Caul Fat wrapping around grounded Pork meat, liver, fat and a couple of herbs, etc.   Served pre-sliced here,  I can’t help but inhaled every one of them by myself.  Guilty as charged lol and wished more restaurants served this,  such as occasionally at Petrus  (a previous review:  here) at Hong Kong Island Shangri-la.    ~  10/10



Cabbage Salad -
Doused with a nicely tangy salad dressing.  Very addictive yet simple.  ~  8/10



Le Lapin aux Echalottes et Vin Blanc – 24 Euro
Rabbit cooked in shallot onions and white wine,  served with pates fraiche pasta.   People often think of rabbit as a winter game meat,  but the method they are cooked is more summer to me,  especially the insertion of heaps of aromatic white wine!   This dish was very winey – I would not be surprised if they poured in half a bottle or more just to cook this rabbit,  it was superbly aromatic if not to overwhelmingly so.   The meat wasn’t fork tender however but it wasn’t too dry either,  sticky to the teeth slightly.  The sauce meanwhile was oozing with alcohol and aroma together with the sweetened onion.   Soak it up with the South-Western French style pasta or with the baguettes,  or both!   Simple but done almost perfect   ~  8/10



French Pates Fraiche pasta -
To eat with the above Rabbit stew… 




Some Biscuits to finish off -




It didn’t say so Clearly -
But most food items here are Southern French based with a few exceptions.   The food is quite regional and although common in other parts of France,  such traditional dishes are probably losing their lustrous in Paris their capital city.   If you are into hearty regional food that isn’t cliched expectable and not necessarily the healthiest food,  this is for you.   I don’t know if it’s worthy of the 26/30 marks by Zagat or the recommendation by the Michelin team,  however,  I just know I left here with a silly grin on my face..




Price:   €37 before Wine
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Mon to Fri :   12:00pm to 15:00pm,  19:00pm to 21:30pm
Sat & Sun :  Closed

Address:  28 av. Ledru-Rollin,  75012 Paris 12
Ph: +33 1 46 28 46 76

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