Friday, August 9, 2013

Bones, The Bar - (Paris)

I read somewhere that Australian Chef James Henry had this year moved venues to open up his own place, after previously leading the kitchen at the highly rated Au Passage.   Some foodies also mentioned about Bone’s Suckling Pig sandwich,  which made it more the appealing to drop by here,  even if it wasn’t available on the night of my visit.   I did not in fact had plans to eat here as I prefer French Chefs cooking for me when I am in France,   but I was already running late when I walked passed here by foot and then checking out the nearby Septime,  by which time I had to make a snap decision to lock in on a venue to get some food before retiring in bed,  walking back down the same 30 minutes path along the direction I just came from.   Bones Bar it is then..


Does this look French or Paris to you in design? 
I think this carries such a Gastro-pub vibe and it could just be anywhere in the world.   I am sure the Aussie chef had in his head a robust development plan in place.   Aiming at overtaking Septime for instance from just a street away perhaps??!


2011 Anjou “Les Bonnes Blanches”,  Loire Valley,  R Mosse
Anjou blanc is always a lovely drink in Summer.  The Chenin Blanc base was apple dry and bony in structure,  yet carrying a hint of quince sweetness and subtle oakiness. 



2011 Corbieres le Carignan,  Fond Cypres.
A house red here. 




Bread Basket is Communally Shared at the Bar Table -
Anyone can grab these breads freely,  just wash your hands 1st please!     I guess France is still clearly being demarcated between the very well-offs vs the usual population who are more relaxed overall.  This was quite decent bread.  ~  8/10  



Cantabrian Anchovies -  Spain
These famous salted fishes are hand fileted.  The ones served here were somewhere between fresher Spanish boquerones and the more salt-cured anchoas.   Very lovely and not too hardened from the curing process.   They are salty by nature but not overly so compared to the other Cantabrian anchovies varieties or the normal Italian counterparts in general.   It’s best companion is still bread to dilute down the salty taste,  but I have had better chance elsewhere in quite a few places though such as at Boira (Link) in Girona of Spain.  Or other places serving the same fish       ~  7.5/10



Veau ‘Hand Diced’ Tartare -
This also had shaved Bottarga roes added in for flavour
,  and underneath the veal meat is a crème-fraiche like concoction and helped to lighten up the dish with a tanginess.    It also came with the mustardy-like shaved radishes and tarragon herbs.   Quite flavourful for veal meat & also well layered between the contrasting flavours.   I have had better occasionally but this is definitely more on the thoughtful side and enjoyable ~  8/10




Bone’s Bar Menu -
Non-pretentious – it’s right for man’s food.. 
I will have to return 1 day to their restaurant side to know.  As for now,  this is kinda a newer concept for Paris side.  Everything is becoming just that much more casual….




Price:   €30 All Inclusive Above
Ease of Access:  4/5 
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 (Measured as Pub Food potential)

Opening Hours -
Mon to Sat:   16:00pm – 23:30pm
Sun:  Closed

Address: 43 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011 Paris, France
Ph: +33 9 80 75 32 08

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