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Little Breizh - (Paris)

  I have been informed by a few foodie sources online that Little Breizh is one of the better Creperies in Paris since a few years ago,  as I miss crepes and was about to revisit town,  but when I directly asked how it would compare to the non-related yet similarly named Breizh Café  (review),  everyone unanimously voted for the other place.  Now I can totally see why,  as the other Breizh Café has recipes and sourcing of ingredients that are so sophisticated in their own right and planning,   I doubt any other creperies in the world can boast of the same.   My 1st review of Breizh Café wasn’t just all positive however,  but I did returned back this time and it was much better suddenly!   As for here at Little Breizh,  their advantage definitely lied in their more Organic approach and their very specially made blé noir flour which was very husky and coarsely grinded just for this shop alone.   



Guilvinec Sardines in Olive Oil from Brittany,  with Fresh and Confit Tomatoes -
Does anyone remember when certain Mexican Tacos or Galettes came as double-layered outside?  Well this one is only single layered but special in it’s own right.  The galette crepe was super crispy and had big flecks of black buckwheat and husks within.   If you like crispiness this is definitely for you.  As for the buckwheat taste itself -  it looked stronger that it tasted.  The fish and tomato combo was good for summer.   ~  7/10




Val de Rance Brittany Apple Cidre -
Fairly typical and a few places in Hong Kong serves the same too.  Comparing this entry level cidre to Breizh Café’s artisanal cidre and poire offerings,   I think is a bit unfair.   ~  7.5/10




Grilled Andouille de Guemene sausage,  Onions flambéed in Calvados,
Mustard Crème Fraiche and Gruyere Cheese -
I like how the andouille is more thickly sliced and then pre-grilled with a crispy edge,  which is not the norm seen in other creperies.   The wine flambéed onions and the mustard sour cream was a nice combination together with the melty gruyere.   The overall package was great in the taste.  However it could do with more andouille sausages and the galette base proved once again to be fairly dry-crispy despite the thicker grinded flour.   I still prefer my galette to be just crispy on the outside and soft enough when you bite in.  Here it is more like crispy buckwheat chips!   ~  7.5/10



Inside with many Friendly Workers -
Although they will tell you to wait outside but without explaining why,  even when some tables looked already clean and empty.  Communication gap somewhere there I guess!??




In Isolation -
I would have really liked Little Breizh.  But we are comparing it to the likes of Café Breizh and Josselin and other places I might not have visited which might or might not be aiming at this artisanal creperie level.   La Creperie in HK is definitely running in the mix to these Parisian comparisons.    I can totally see why people adore here,  but when it comes to comparing apples with apples,  it is running in the distant 3rd just as I have been told by locals living in town.  However if you like really crispy galette bases or grilled andouille sausages,  you will definitely have to pay here a visit!




Price:   €27,50 All Inclusive Above
Ease of Access:  4/5  (Near Odéon Metro)

Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Tues – Friday  11am – 15:00pm,  18:15pm-23:30pm
Sat-Sun  11am - 23:30pm

Address: 11 rue Gregoire de Tours, Paris
Ph: 01 43 54 60 74

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