Thursday, August 1, 2013

La Régalade - (Paris)

  There are naturally many quality bistros in Paris of France,  although people from Lyon might have something to say to refute that statement!   You will definitely also run into far too many mediocre places here just as is the case anywhere else in the world,  and not everyone is a gourmet type of traveller after all who are more tolerant on the food aspect unlike yours truly!   Anyway I heard about La Regalade to be one of the better places to visit for a bistro type of meal.  With 3 different outlets to choose from I just played safe and visited the original store,  which surprisingly was filled with many English speakers tonight.. 


The Recipes on their Menu -
It is definitely not a run-of-the-mill Bistro you can find around every corner. 
You can instantly tell the Chef-Owner has put some thoughts into them dishes.


Unlimited House-made Pork Terrine sliced yourself is available here with Great Sourdough Bread -   The pork pate was very good and livery and porky,  with enough fat inside to keep it lubricated.  You can slice as many slabs as you want and you might just do so, as it was addictive.  But let’s not be too greedy!  ~  9/10



Rose wine and Orange Juice -
The later didn’t seem freshly squeezed or else it was highly filtered.  But the rose wine as recommended was great for the summer weather.



Mackerel Fillet, Parmesan Almonds Sable biscuit,  Fennel croquant -
The presentation was great and I deliberately ordered this to compare with the version I had last year at Chez Casimir (link).   Although out of season,  this fish was fairly fishy and the texture was quite mealy.   I liked the stacks of braised fennels and the sauce,  but ultimately this was rather disappointing with the suspect fish quality.   ~  4/10




Grilled “Ospital” Pork Belly from Basque,  with a Petits Pois and Cabbage bed,
Lardon,  and Emulsified sauce ~
The last dish put me off a little but this was right back on track again.  The pork was not too fatty and had a nice charred aroma but most importantly,  a good pork flavour!   This is their signature main dish and you can find it in all of their 3 outlets,  but in Winter the recipe changes slightly to suit using more lentils.  ~  8.5/10



Grand Marnier Souffle -
The texture was ‘cloud’ like and text book perfect.  A similar version is available in Bistro du Vin in HK,  but that to me is more like a cake.  I don’t care what others expect anymore but I know what a proper souffle tastes like because I have had them many times,  but surprisingly many of the Michelin 1-3 star places in HK still don’t get this right!   Personally I think this could still handle a little more Grand Marnier within but it should be right for others as it was balanced.  ~  8/10



Madeleines -
When you finish the meal.  These were decent and moist inside,  it might not be artisanal but at least it tastes right…  Something you take for granted but cannot find in many cities.  ~  7/10



Tables fill up here fast,  do book in Advance -
I basically ordered the same dishes as what I had in Chez Casimir (link).   This shop had slightly better recipes and presentation,  but the other shop definitely had a slight edge on the taste.  I would love to come back to try other dishes 1 day especially their seafood risotto,  and as a bistro and with unlimited Pork Terrine for customers and decent Madeleines to finish all inclusive,  this definitely is recommendable provided you know that Bistros are not Michelin Starred restaurants in performance!




Price:   Euro $45 Including Wine & Juice
Ease of Access:   4/5 
Food:   ♕♕♕  - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Mon -  19:00pm to 23:30pm
Tues to Fri - 19:00pm – 23:30pm

Address:  49 Avenue Jean Moulin, 75014 Paris, France
Ph: +33 1 45 45 68 58

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