Thursday, August 22, 2013

Liege Waffles by Elisabeth Chocolatier - ( Brussels, Belgium)

I was informed by fellow foodie friends living in Brussels (@ ) that the best Belgian Liege style of waffles are found served at Dandoy Tea Room.   I planned to visit there definitely since good waffles will give a man his much needed morale boost!!   I  ended up struggling to navigate around Brussels however as I was much shorter on time than I had anticipated plus I drank far too many beers in the name of research!   Was never sober during my whole time here lol.   The other irony is that the above-mentioned Dandoy Tea House has a Chocolate Maison right next door to this Waffles shop, yet they don’t sell fresh Liege waffles there.  What a pity.. 



Run by Elisabeth Chocolatier a few door down -
There is a very long queue here..  The shop totally dispenses with a front name sign other than this small printed piece of paper.  Very low profile.



Belgium Liege-style Waffles =  Aged Dough cooked in a heavy Cast Iron grill
The recipe is very different from your typical waffles! 
It uses Dry Yeast,  Eggs,  Honey and also a Belgian Pearl Sugar,  the latter melts slower within the risen dough,  to give it that craved after, external caramelized effect at the waffle edges…      If you ever work with dough, surely you will appreciate this extra effort vs a poured batter version.  And logistically and storage wise it is much harder to prepare the waffle dough to the exact degree before you bake it to serve customers… 



Liege style Waffle -
This was amaze balls.  The well caramelized dough base was cooked in very heavy cast iron,  it was dense and syrupy,  fragrant!   You can see the well caramelized edges on this pic as well which gave it a slight crunch when it cooked.   It is also less SQUARE than the normal Brussels style waffles such as here  (Review:     Liege style waffles can also be ordered with fruits, nuts, chocolates and cream but I was told refrained from doing so because it is best served on it’s own.   ~  12/10




Liege Waffle Centre -
Chewy,  caramelized sugary,  fragrant with a good dough and eggs taste.  Sublime.   The other more normal Brussels style waffles are much lighter and crispy,  which do you prefer? 



Maison Dandoy -
Dandoy Tea House
was said to be most famous for their Liege-style waffles.   This chocolate shop outlet which was nearby unfortunately didn’t sell it.   Next time then..




I Came back for Second Round on another Day,   when I was again in the vicinity -
The Liege waffle was still just as addictive!  The elongated irregular shape and a dense dough with chewy bite and good bits of caramelized local sugars,  certainly makes for a marked difference with the usual Brussels style Waffles.    Even the color looked ever so right…   I could eat this everyday!




Price:   Euro 2~3
Ease of Access:  3.5/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Address: Rue au Beurre,  Grand Place, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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