Friday, August 15, 2014

Beef & Liberty, New Limited Wagyu Burger

 We heard wind that Beef & Liberty,  operated under the Pizza Express Group in Hong Kong,  are keen to put up a real challenge to their nearby competitor at Butchers Club Burger.   Since I couldn’t go to a later event that night,  I came earlier during the day to test out their new recipe as a preview.  



250G New Zealand Grass-Fed Wagyu Brisket and Hanger Steak Burger, 
with Sous Vide Dry Aged Fat and Onion Rings -  $188
Notice that this is 250g and is a substantial slab of meat thickness.   This sounded pretty awesome on paper,  but as I mentioned on the spot I think this needed more than the 15% Fat content and instead of slow cooking it in vacuum bags,  I think it will majorly benefit if the fat is grilled directly to release more flavours.   The meat texture was textbook perfect!    The onion jam and the 7 sauces were also thoughtful except for the slightly black peppery part.  When good Beef is presented,  I still think all it needs is a judicial amount of Salt,  Pepper,  and a dab of English Mustard    ~  7/10



Inside the Burger -
Its thick and cooked well to around Medium to Medium-Well.   
I think Wagyu should have more oiliness taste,  but then again some people think it’s healthier this way with leaner meat,  especially when it’s grass fed cow.



Onion Rings - 
The onion rings were a highlight because they used the same batter formula as at Alfie’s by Kee - which is one of the best fish & chips in HK -  8/10




Price:  $188 + 10%
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 金鐘永豐街23號2樓
2/F,  Wing Fung Street,  Wan Chai,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2811 3009

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