Sunday, August 10, 2014

El Caido, Spanish Tapas for a Dime ?

 It was said that the Head Chef Gary here has worked under the Fadango kitchen for a few years,  a Michelin Guide recommended restaurant specializing in Spanish cuisines.   A quick glance through the menu saw a mention of Cicchetti as well,  which is the Italian equivalent of Italian tapas,  not too different to Italian Stuzzichini.   Seems like small portions of food for sharing with drinks is the concept here. 



The Menu is priced on the Lower side in Town -
Someone guess who,  once mentioned this is not bad in HK context.   I have to agree that the price range here is unforeseeably reasonable.  Many Tapas,  or Chicchetti are in the $48-58 range only.

Self Bringing Your Own Mio Camuzet Bourgogne -
Actually after we arrived here and sat down,  before the wait staff mentioned sheepishly,  their Liquor License is under review so they cannot serve alcohol again.   So I quickly ran downstairs in the midst of summer to ETC nearby to grab an emergency bottle.   Have always loved this Wine Producer,  even if this particular one is generic Burg stuff..  Just not too sophisticated compared to their other appellation bottles   ~  6.9/10  


Iberico Pork Burgers -  $68
The taste was ok only,  it does have some porky taste but not quite Iberico oily flavor.  But looking at the price tag of $68 for 3 burgers,  I can’t even complain.  It also wasn’t that grilled enough..  My dining Companion mentioned the 22 Ships version is far superior.     ~  6/10




Salted Cod Fish Balls with Piri Piri Sauce – $68
Piri Piri sauce is more Portuguese or African related,  but since Spain is a neighboring country I am ok with the concept  (as opposed to a Pil Pil sauce which is more Basque-Spain).  However the Piri Piri sauce was kind of weakish in recognizable flavours,  and to give it the benefit of the doubt probably toned down to locals taste.   The death knell sounded when we bit into the so-called Salted Cod Fish croquettes -   I could only taste potatoes and non of the Salted Cod fish normally associated with this dish.   I know it’s not an expensive dish but I would rather pay more to get a better resulting plate.  On a positive side, at least it wasn’t fried oily on the surface   ~  4/10




Grilled Asparagus with Garlicky Piquillo Peppers Butter – $48
The Asparagus came with a judicial amount of sea salt flakes,  and came with the Peppery and Garlicky butter on the side which was quite enjoyable and thoughtful,  finally a dish which worked and I liked,  if not a bit small on portioning.    The food here has more potential – you can see the heart in some dishes but may be they are trying to work within restraints of a budget?   It is more a Drinks place than for Food or Snacks,  but perhaps that is the intention of the owners operating this space and the food were definitely on the lower end of the pricing range as a gesture.   But that remains it’s biggest attraction for now in terms of the geographical LKF and SOHO crowd than for the real foodies!   It’s definitely not bad vs pricing policy,  but each to their own..   It’s more like a Bar personally.



Price:  HKD $150 – $200 Per Person
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 中環荷李活道49號鴻豐商業中心2樓
2nd Floor,  49 Hollywood Road,  Hung Fung Commercial Building,  Central,  Hong Kong.  New SOHO.
Ph:  2623 2773

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