Saturday, August 23, 2014

Grand Lapa Hotel - Special Deals until 9th September 2014

 Grand Lapa Hotel in Macau is doing several Special Packages for the coming month.   For $1928 MOP,  which is equal to Hong Kong dollars,  2 persons arriving in will receive a spacious Hotel Room for a night,  plus a bottle of Sparking Wine and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries,  and on top of that either a Free Breakfast or Lunch buffet inclusive.    Also added in are tickets to the Macau Sky Tower within the price!    Alternatively,  a $1728 Family Package can be booked which would include $500 vouchers that can be used in any hotel facilities and restaurants,  with free additional beds and unlimited Movies on TV also included,  plus the same Macau Sky Tower tickets.  A good bargain of a deal.



Entrance -
This used to be Mandarin Oriental,  Macau



Check-In Area -
Easy process and efficient,  many staffs working here so not much of a queue



Wanted to Check the Gym Facilities -
It’s opened until 10pm every night.



The Biggest Attraction here for me -
The lovely Swimming Pool area,  which is huge and nicely designed and located at the Resort Side.  It is included in the Hotel Package !!




Towels for the Pool Users - 




Inside NAAM Thai Restaurant -
Lovely space and they are about to change to a new Chef and Menu. 
*Watch this space!!


Child Centre -
Looking like an Animal Kingdom here.   Apparently,  hotel users can have up to 2 hours free access for their children included in the overnight package!  After that,  the fee will be charged per hour.




This is the Spa and Massage Centre -
Sessions here last from around 50 minutes to 90 minutes.   They are charged by the hour here.
Remember to book sessions early,  as they are very popular,  especially with returning Regular Customers..



The Private Spa side -




We are back at our Rooms on the 11th Floor  -
You can view the Swimming Pool and Resort Area from here.  Nice view and no urban jungle from this angle.   Just what I need for relaxing.. 




Bath Shower and Toilet Space -  Inside the Grand Lapa Hotel rooms


Welcome Fruits and TV -
The TV is not really an LED or LCD variety,  but it’s kind of nostalgic in a way..



I always Appreciate a Hotel Room which actually provides a Desk -
One will be surprised,  but half of the hotels I patron don’t provide one for some reason.  Here they do.




Nice Sofas by the Window -


The Room’s Bed -
Wow it’s huge!   Just the way I like my bed.  
I also love the huge soft pillows and the thick bed covers.   I slept well on the bed and even had a few nice dreams…  

Another Desk next to the TV -
The hotel rooms are very comfortable for the family,
I really liked the Bed and the Desk facilities here which you can bank on.   The bathrooms had plenty of towels available at any time.    If anything,  we did think the TV was a bit old tech despite it’s large screen size.   The biggest attraction here was their Swimming Pool and Spa Facilities!




Price:  Around $1780 – $1980 per Room per Couple
Hotel:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Spa:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 新口岸友誼大馬路956-1110號澳門金麗華酒店2樓
2nd Floor,  Grand Lapa Hotel,  Macau
Ph: (+853) 28567888

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