Friday, August 29, 2014

Breakfast at Grand Lapa Hotel, Café Bela Vista - (Macau)

 Breakfast is as included in some of Grand Lapa’s Hotel Packages,  and is served at Café Bela Vista again.  This is served from around 6am to 10am.   Not surprisingly the restaurant which was serving many Portuguese and Malaysian dishes,  now is converted into one which served International food including Western and Chinese – the Fresh Fruit Juicer was a highlight for me,  as someone squeezes out your fresh juice for you unlimited.



Fruit Juice Counter -
You can order fresh ones too just a few steps away..



Fresh Fruit Juice Machine -
Definitely a Winner here


Some French Toasts,  Sausages,  etc -



Another Surprise -
All You Can Eat Bread and Viennoiserie items.   Since Café Bela Vista acts also as the Bakery shop,  it was still nice to see them offering a wide selection of items for patrons. 



Cold Food and Cheese Platter -
Pretty decent for a Breakfast period.  




Lotus Wrapped Glutinous Rice Dumplings -
Tried a little bite in order to judge,  it was not over steamed and fragrant enough.    ~  7/10




The Congee section sprang another Surprise to me -
I live in Hong Kong and not Macau,  but when I was young this was always how we paired Congee with different Salted Eggs,  Pickles,  Peanuts,  Fried Crullers,   Preserved Olive Leaves,   Fermented Beancurd condiments.    This was more Teochew in style personally but even my Grandma from a totally different region within Canton and my Aunties always ate like this,  so did I.   All it was missing was Dried Pork Floss.     I have always believed that Macau still holds more tradition than food in Hong Kong,  perhaps partially due to it’s more proximity to Canton of China.   But this example of offering shows how much Hong Kong has changed over the past 2-3 decades.   This was so appreciated and ACCURATE traditionally.   - 9/10




Noodles with Meatballs and Sausages Section -
I never really touch this section so hard to comment,  but some people love this as it’s freshly cooked.

Fried Eggs on Dark Rye Toasts,  Fried Bacon,  Salad -
I always need eggs for Brekkie,  so I plated my own.   Good options at the buffet selection and the egg yolks were surprisingly huge.   ~  8/10



Hams,  Pancake,  Baked Beans,  Hash Browns,  Sausages -
This was more American style and actually I liked the combination too. 
The good thing about a good Breakfast Buffet is that you can play around with the food and create the best package.   The downside is that I only have limited quota space left after waking up ! Smile with tongue out   ~  7.5/10

The Breakfast Buffet really impressed -
I didn’t expect there to be so many free-flow Pastry items,  Freshly Squeezed juices,  a complete Chinese Congee package,  and also the ability of build up a really decent Fried Eggs and Bacon with Salad dish that could beat most café food in the region.   And then there’s the Hams and Baked Beans options.   If anything – I did wished the desserts section to be better but that’s asking for too much during Breakfast time.


Price:  Included in some Hotel Packages
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 新口岸友誼大馬路956-1110號澳門金麗華酒店2樓
2nd Floor,  Grand Lapa Hotel,  Macau
Ph: (+853) 28567888

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