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Shang Palace 香宮 [ III ] - Michelin 2 Stars Dinner and New Menu

Michelin 2 Stars
It seems like I have been back to Shang Palace quite a few times these 2 years,   this particular visit was an invitation by the hotel to try out some of their creative new dishes.   I am particularly and have been fond of the food and accuracy of cooking here  -   and in fact 3 of my most favourite Cantonese restaurants happen to be found on the same strip of hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui East.   Namely here,  Yan Toh Heen and also Hoi King Heen.   All of them have their own advantage.  



3 Types of Sauces -



I am not sure if it’s me,  but it feels like there’s way less tables here after the renovation.
My last two visits were both sitting inside a room,  so only when I am sitting outside did I noticed this change. 



Appetizer - Pickled Turnips & Dried Apricot




金杯海膽炒鮮奶,  西班牙黑豚叉燒
Fried Milk & Sea Urchin in Golden Cup,   BBQ Spanish Iberico Charsiu Pork
The left item was very unique and memorable,  a smart combination of 2 well known ingredients but in a Chinese way.  In fact,  in Japanese cooking,  Eggs and Sea Urchin are always the perfect pair,  but the Chef here has managed to turn it into a Cantonese cuisines dish smartly.   The Iberico pork char siu was good too but I think could do with more charring personally,  to bring out the Spanish pork oil’s flavour?    ~  7~10/10




Some 2011 New Zealand Chardonnay for Food Pairing -
This was suggested by the staff and it worked with most dishes tonight,   which is an indication of a thoughtful team,   who are always aware of what the customers will be ordering and suggest pairings as required.

黑蒜嚮螺海玉竹燉雞湯 –
Double Boiled Chicken Broth with Black Garlic,  Sea Conch & Chinese Herbs
The Black Garlic is actually sourced from Switzerland,  not the Asian or Korean variety.  It’s actually more powerful and less sweeter than most Asian versions.   The soups here have always been decent,  what’s not to like about this trusted combination with a new ingredient?   ~  9/10

砵酒火局生蠔 – Fried and Baked Oyster in Port Wine in Lettuce Cups
This is a popular dish in Hong Kong,  only a few places do this really well though.   The oysters were plump and fried then baked well enough.  Somehow I expected the sauce to be more sticky viscous,  or served with some fried Rice Noodles…     7/10


魚湯銀蘿浸龍躉球 – Poached Giant Garoupa Fillet with Turnip in Fish Broth
The fish broth dishes here at Shang Palace has always been my favourite in town,  like,  nothing I have tried elsewhere even comes close!   This time it was no exception and it was super condensed and sweet!!   It looks simple but the amount of hard work behind this must be phenomenal.   I actually find this recipe to be slightly Shanghai or Ningpo influenced too.  ~  9/10




腿絲扒芥菜膽 -  Braised Mustard Green Hearts with Yunnan Ham
This was interesting because they were only using the lower hearts of the vegetable,  which is usually more bitter.   I am not sure if global warming or farming techniques are affecting the taste these days,  but nowadays this type of vegetable has lost it’s original bitterness taste but is now sweeter.   (Having said that,  Lei Garden’s version still tastes similar to 30 years ago).   ~  7.5/10




別不同炒麵 Fried Puntalette with Minced Shrimps -
I just made a similar dish myself so I already knew Puntalette or Riso is a pasta,  not an actual rice.  This was flavourful and done in a Chinese Cantonese fashion.  Interesting concept!  ~  8/10


Lemon Chicken -
This came with Lemon,  Mango and diced Strawberries.   The lemon tanginess could be stronger,  but this was a thoughtful Summery dish.  The chicken seems to have been slow cooked or at least cooked with precision,  as it was so tender inside.    This taste similar enough to the original Lemon Chickens,  which usually uses 2 to 3 types of Lemons,  Lime,  or Dried Lemon Peels too.   ~  7/10





Mango and Sago Dessert Soup,  Watermelon,   Mini Egg Tart -
The egg tart is famous here,  this time it was more flaky than my last visit and it was quite decent.  



Moon Cakes -
With Salted Egg yolks. 


Chiu Chow Moon Cake with Yam Paste,  Salted Egg Yolk and Pandan Leaf -
The item I looked forward to the most and did not disappoint.  The flaky pastry version of Moon Cake is a Chiu Chow style specialty,  and this was made in a sophisticated way with Pandan and Yam paste on top of the usual suspects.   Very thoughtful dessert.   ~  12/10


Just When We were Full -
Out came this Tree branches of Chinese Petits Fours.   With a variety of traditional Chinese or Cantonese pastries.   Very pretty looking and although too full to indulge in all of them,  I did try a few and they definitely lived up to their Michelin 2 Stars status at Shang Palace.  



Price:  Meal was by Invitation by Shangri-la Hotel
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道64號九龍香格里拉大酒店地下1層
64 Mody Road,  Basement B1,  Kowlong Shangri-la Hotel,
Ph: 2733 8754

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