Sunday, November 29, 2015

順利粥品 - Unique Rice Cheung Fan & Dependable Congees

 There are two congee shops within this Cooked Food Centre in Chai Wan.  順利粥品 is the more famous of the two,  although both shops are unique in their own sense.   Their congee here will beat 90% of famous shops out there including over-hyped places like Sang Kee or Mui Kee,  at least the white congee base here doesn’t use too much pork bones,  seasoning or MSG.    A congee should be able to taste the rice itself.



Most Congee Shops in Hong Kong carry a Sponge-like Cake -
This is traditional from Cantonese influence.



The Menu is mainly Chinese I believe -
You can always order first as really can’t go wrong,  then translate it afterwards.  At least the prices are so reasonable. 

涼瓜炒蛋腸粉 – Bittermelon and Scrambled Eggs Cheung Fan $15
The skin was smooth and translucent thin,  the inside filling was aplenty and all tasted natural without MSG traces.   This was better than my last 2 times here in fact…      ~ 9/10


皮蛋瘦肉粥  Century Year Old Eggs with Salted Pork Congee -  $16
This also improved.  Now it is pure rice flavour and no MSG,  and the texture was silken soft,  but without using artificial starch to thicken it.  Very satisfying and as said better than many super famous shops.   This together with the Cheung Fan entices me back so much.   ~ 8/10
*It is worth noting that during Lunch Time,  everybody else comes for their rice dishes instead.


Price:  $31
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  柴灣漁灣邨漁灣街市大廈1樓1號檔
Yue Wan Estate Wet Market,  1st Floor Shop 1,  Chai Wan,  HK
2558 1971

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