Sunday, February 19, 2017

Suppa 十下 [Hong Kong] - Chinese Hotpot with a Taiwanese Accent

 Suppa 十下 opened up underneath the radar without much noise or fanfare, but after a short opening and perhaps coinciding with the cooling down weather,  has already gotten a few loyal fans on board for their Taiwanese inspired hotpots.  I personally was keen to come here for their Sour Pickles soup base, which is something I miss eating in Taipei..

The Homely Retro Chinese Design is Instagram worthy -
It has attracted Customers keen for both their hotpots and also to take photos

The Menu - 
Click Photos to Zoom in for Details

Mix of Sauces - HKD $20 Each Person
Not as abundant as some hotpot shop offerings in town, but in Taiwanese style hotpots I guess its most important to just have Sha Cha Jiang 沙茶醬

2 Soup Bases Mix - Sour Pickles with Pork & Tomato Fish HKD $138
The Sour Pickles base was appetizing and balanced lovely.  The Tomato Fish broth was white milky but did not carry enough tomato or fish taste for our liking.

Seafood Platter with Scallops, Prawns and Clams - Market Price
The scallops were especially huge.  We also saw others having really giant prawns but we are glad we had normal sized ones..  The scallops were must orders and plump

Hua Diao Wine Chicken - $78
Lovely marination, fragrant and had good chicken flavor.  Probably unexpected but one of our favorite dishes tonight..

Hand Cut Local Beef (Large) - $268
These are sliced in quite a Taiwanese hotpot style, not as 'butterflied' cut as we are used to in Hong Kong.  Good beef flavors and despite little marbling, smooth to chew..

Beef & Tendon Balls, Prawn Balls and Cuttlefish Balls - $108
Freshly grinded, but not overly smashed on the metal trays to make them too bounciful.  I actually preferred the texture of these balls after boiling.

Sliced US Beef - $268
Good Beef Flavors and despite the half-frozen state before machine slicing them, they tasted like they were quite fresh and of good quality

We had other Side Dishes like Pumpkin, other Vegetables, and Eggs as dips..

Salted Duck Egg Fried Rice - $24 a Bowl
This was very good actually.  Although the taste is expectably slightly greasy, not many people do this recipe already and in fact it helped to end the meal well.

Grass Jelly with Chocolate Ice Cream - $28
A retro dessert that is more reminiscent of Hong Kong's past..
Overall the Hotpot here was more than decent.  Food selections and soup bases were very thoughtful and carried its own character, even if choices were somewhat limited but then again how much can we eat per session?  The prices are also more than reasonable and overall this was a wonderful hotpot meal and better than we expected

Price: Approx HKD $270 to $350 + 10% Per Person (Meal Organized by a Friend of Restaurant)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 2/F, Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Ph: +852 35204111

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