Friday, May 13, 2011

Torihana Ramen (鳥華) - ♕♕♕♕

orihana (鳥華) sells Tokyo style Chicken Broth noodles (東京鶏白湯) for once, a highly popular style of pure Chicken Soup Ramen in Japan but this is the 1st time it has arrived locally here!   The original store in 神田 Kanda carries a different name altogether however, originally called 支那そば きび 神田本店.   The HK shop also doesn’t sell the same noodle bowls as the main store, but instead following another of their group’s subsidiary shop’s serving style as is found in the chicken ramen specialist  きび 桃太郎外伝.  

Replicating one of its Japanese Chicken Ramen Shops -
Their specialty here is  支那そば (China-Soba, a ramen type) cooked together with 鶏白湯 (Chicken Broth).    Note that in the Hong Kong store,  the term 支那そば is never mentioned on the menu.   May be because they could predict that the more sensitive Chinese customers might find this term to be discriminating with a history behind its negatively implied meaning?  Perhaps the in the shop’s name is used to replace this Chinese reference?

Ramen Counter -

Cold Tea is served with 支那そば Ramen here -
Instead of water.

鶏白湯 らーめん  $65, 
plus $35 for  全部のせ トッピング  (All Supplementary Toppings) -
Adding $35 will land you more Pork Char Siu pieces, a Marinated egg, Stem lettuce & Spicy spring onion, on top of the Chicken char siu.   The Chicken Broth was very flavourful but slightly oily, a little salty.  I think what’s intrigued me was how compacted it is in flavour and also the very yellow color, compared to Chicken Ramens in Japan!    The soup is boiled with 140Kg of Chicken Meat, Bones and Feet daily!   The Japan versions have more Soy Sauce influence usually   ~  7.5/10

山クラゲ – Stem Lettuce -
Crunchy stuff ! 

鳥 チャーシュー  -
Sliced Chicken Char Siu. 

豚 チャーシュー  -
Pork, as served in the original 支那そば きび main shop by default, but not in their subsidiary きび 桃太郎外伝, like at here.   You need to pay extra for this!  Great stuff, but not as wine-like and smoky as the MIST RAHMEN version.

味付け玉子 -
Translated as Marinated Boiled Egg in Chinese, rather than Half-Boiled Egg.  In reality, the term in Japanese normally implies that it is around half-cooked but not too runny.  This was excellent.  The eggyolk was very fragrant and strong in flavour, very surprising.  Not every chicken even on a better maize diet for the sake of yolk coloring, can give this effect!  

支那そば -
This is TOO THICK, around 1.8mm in width, to be a proper 支那そば style ramen.  They should be more yellow and thin yet not so curly.  Made locally using a Japanese formula, this had a chewy texture but I’ve never had them so thick before…  Sad smile

Drank the whole Soup - 
Always a good sign.  At $110, this is expensive but just for the chicken essence soup alone, well worth the money.   Will definitely be back!   Hope they fix the noodles…

Price:  $110 Per Person
Score: ★★★★☆☆

Opening Times:
Mon to Sun -   12:30pm – 23:00pm
Address: 尖沙咀河內道5號普基商業中心地下3號舖
Shop 3, Podium Plaza, 5 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2366 1332


  1. Wow. I wish tey had a proper ramen place in London; we don't get that here.

  2. Butao in HK and also MIST are pretty good places in HK! This shop for now, I've got to monitor it a bit longer to see!

    Don't worry I think London will get their fair share of ramen shops sooner than later :P

  3. Hmm. It's always a toss up between the ramen noodles and the broth. Quite a challenge to find a place that has both ingredients balanced perfectly. (But I guess the fun is in the search, eh?)


  4. I really like this shop for some reason - but may be other local Hong Kongers aren't really so used to the idea of eating Chicken stock Ramen as yet?

    Most of the customers here are predominantly Japanese, whereas others seem to enjoy non-soy or chicken stock based ramen such as Tonkotsu broth for now! :S

  5. I tried this before, and I think chicken soup ramen is quite special. Personally, I like tonkotsu ramen. I found one last week and i think it is quite good. It is called Kamitora. Actually I enjoyed a very good meal without long time waiting! Strongly recommend you to go there and have a try!



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