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Pho Le 錦麗 [Hong Kong] - Pho Le from Ho Chi Minh Saigon, Vietnam, Now Open in Hong Kong

 Pho Le 錦麗 from Vietnam is said to be the best Beef Pho in the World by many globally.  I for one have been addicted with the noodles served at the original shop and concur totally with that assessment,  it was really memorable especially with its deep bone marrows broth, and has set the Golden Standard for Southern style Pho comparisons.  In Hong Kong,  the Tai Hing Group has brought the original Pho Le directly from Vietnam to Hong Kong at APM Shopping Mall.  Please note  previously HK has seen several Pho Le's opened in Tai Hang or Kowloon City,  but those were not run by Pho Le Vietnam as a collaboration.  So consider this the 1st outlet outside of Vietnam!

It's Newly Opened... 
Online reviews has been mixed and generally not positive.  And I suspect certain reviews on some online Platforms were jigged reviews by either competitors or those expecting too much from a new opening..

Herbs and Lime, Chili - 
Service here is disappointing and green.  I asked for fresher herbs than my initial stale darkened ones, and there was no Lime or Chili in my first 2 'herb cups'.  Eventually one lady explained they have run out of condiments...  This is expected at a new opening but considering Pho Le in Vietnam has unlimited beansprouts and herbs, chili, lime available for customers,  surely one would expect they will have at least ordered enough Herbs condiments relative to the Beef and Noodles they ordered together...

Beef Pho Combination - HKD $58
This was surprisingly very affordable!  With Beef Balls, Cooked Beef Brisket and Rare Hand Cut Beef...  The soup is balanced, its not close to the performance in Vietnam yet.  However it has the right balance of spices, beefiness, herbs aroma,  just lacking overall intensity.  Ultimately however this is the correct Vietnamese Saigon Pho style....  it's just slightly diluted and quite up to the original Pho Le standard  ~ 7/10

Rice Noodles - 
Fresh rice noodles that had rice taste.  It won't have as much chew as some Hong Kong locals love them, as those ones are the drier noodle type.  Probably no point explaining this difference to customers on the spot is my advice as its inefficient.  I can foresee that eventually the shop will need to offer two noodle options for Customers to choose.  Just ask any Pho shop operators in Hong Kong, they will succumb to pressure eventually even after educating the customers that this is the better authentic option.

Chili Sauce and Hoisin Sauce -
The Chili sauce was surprisingly very good!  It seems fine tuned and resembles more the taste expected in Vietnam, not just the off-the-shelf type.  Overall I thought Pho Le Hong Kong is getting there.  I would rather they charged $78-$88 instead of $58 though and carry more depth in the soup itself.  Otherwise I personally did liked the shop for now as it is more about 'balance' than purely in your face broth,  but the latter is probably what most locals in HK expect to eat somewhat..  

Price: HKD $58 Per Person
Subjective Food Rating: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Hong Kong Standard Pho Rating: ♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: Shop 19, 4/F, apm Millennium City 5, Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
觀塘觀塘道418號創紀之城5期 apm 4樓19號舖
Ph:  +852 23360130

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