Friday, February 24, 2017

Cathay Pacific x Betsy Beer Launch [ Hong Kong, London & Manchester] - World's 1st Craft Beer Created for 35,000ft Enjoyment

 Cathay Pacific Airline (CX) has launched a World's First Craft Beer for its passengers to enjoy at 35,000ft,  named 'Betsy Beer' after its first commercial air plane called Betsy.  It is served on board Cathay Pacific flights traveling on the Hong Kong to London and Manchester routes, as well as in the Business Lounges.   For a short period, customers can also get a quick preview of the beers at the participating restaurants under Swire Pacific Group such as The Continental, Cafe Grey at Upper House, Plat du Jour, Mr and Mrs Fox, etc.

The Launch of Cathay Pacific's 'Betsy' Beer in February 2017,
at Mr and Mrs Fox.  The Beers have undergone testing and research, so that they could be enjoyable at attitudes of 35,000ft in the air,  where different cabin pressure, air and physical conditions can affect our human taste perception.

Betsy Ale - It's made from Longan Fruits, which has a similar character to Lychee.  Also local New Territories Honey from Yuen Long, HK.  The Fuggles hops from Britain are the best of its kind.  Making this a very Hong Kong and British beer in both ingredients and style..

The Taste Perception changes at 35,000ft in the Air - 
Here we were doing tests to see what kind of changes in beer taste we might experience during the flight,  and generally we agreed that at Ground conditions simulation,  the beer will taste even more pronounced sweeter.

Beef Slider and Betsy Beer -
Taste of the Ale Beer is quite honeyed sweet, almost zingy.  With a distinct hop floral note that is not bitter, followed by the stone fruit Longan flavor.  Quite approachable and almost like a Belgium style Golden Pale Ale.  It also has 10% more Carbonation than usual to compensate for the High Attitude taste sensation!

For more Information about Betsy Beer,
Visit Cathay Pacific's Website at :

Available from 1st of March:
Cathay Pacific Airline - London & Manchester to Hong Kong flights Business to First Class
Cathay Pacific Business Lounges

Preview Tasting at Participating Restaurants:
Mr and Mrs Fox
The Continental
Plat du Jour
Cafe Gray at Upper House

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