Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dragon-i [Hong Kong] - Savouring Art Menu by Lan Kwai Fong x

 Lan Kwai Fong Group is collaborating with on the March 1st to 31st 'Savouring Art' Dining Menus.  We had a quick change of venue and switched from Cassio to sister Nightclub and Restaurant Dragon-i instead.  The 5 Course Menu here is HKD $628,  and here are the dishes available.

Dragon-i -
The most Internationally famous Night Club in Hong Kong,
also is a Dining and Bar Venue outside of clubbing periods.  They are also famous for their Dim Sums.

Savouring Art Menu, exclusively booked via :
They have created a code under my name, using 'HKEpicurus' you can get HKD $50 discount for all bookings on their website.

Course 1
Salmon Carpaccio with Citrus, Salt, Arugula Rocket Leaves, Mango Passionfruit Sauce -

The salt component is essential in this dish, as it highly contrasted with the citrusy note.

Course 2
Raw Botan Ebi Layers with Avocado, Mango Passionfruit & Strawberry Sauce -

Served with Sweet Potato crisps.  This was refreshing again as a dish,  and still using exotic fruity sauces.

Course 3
Pumpking Soup with Seared Scallop - 

This looked pretty yet minimalistic.  The base soup seemed to carry some seafood stock,  and the scallop was huge and just cooked mi-cuit.

Course 4
Poached Fish Nori Roll, with Matcha Cornflake Coating, Fish Roes and Red Pepper Sauce -
This Main Course dish seemed quite healthy, and the menu is predominantly Seafood orientated.  The matcha cornflake was an interesting contrast although probably by default softened up to work with the fish and gelatinous skin.  The pepper sauce could be slightly more balanced with sugar or some ketchup tomato sauce instead of matcha powder.

Course 5
Oolong Tea Ice Cream with Dry Ice Tea Smoke, and Japanese Dango Dumplings -
The ice cream with the tea smoke was encapsulating.  The dango were colorful and artsy,  I personally thought it could do with some mitarashi savory-soy sauce.

Dining at Dragon-i is an Experience - 
They are also famous for their Dim Sum items and also Champagne Happy Hours, with free Canapes.  This 5 Course exclusive menu above can be booked at and don't forget to use the online coupon code 'HKEpicurus' to get HKD $50 discount.  It is interesting when I can book meals online too using my own online name for a discount, hopefully one day I will be worth more ..

Price: HKD $628 No 10% Service Charge Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 

Address: 中環雲咸街60號中央廣場平台
Podium, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central
Ph: 31101222


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