Monday, February 14, 2011

昌龍清湯腩 (Cheung Loong) - ♕♕ 1/2

  This restaurant is found in a local Sports Centre in far away Chai Wan,  a bit of a business gamble for it to be opened here in my opinion as there are hardly any new customer’s patronage to be found, apart from the locals living in the area.  But the Young ambitious Chef Owner has had many years of experience in the food business field and claims his Indian samosas and curries to be amongst the best in town, but funnily enough apart from his Indian recipes he also boldly claims his Cantonese styled Clear-broth Beef Briskets to be right up there with the best.   Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to try out his Curries and the King Sized Samosa’s as they were already sold out early on my night of visit,  but I did get a preview of his beef briskets bowl instead…


Clean Counter..

You can pay extra and designate your most preferred cut of Beef Brisket/Flank…

清湯牛崩沙腩伊麵 -
For $3 extra you get one of the most exclusive part of the beef, which is slightly less fatty from the bottom of the belly but with a collagen filled crunchy skin!   I don’t eat this a lot because I’m more of a meats person but once in a while I do long for a bowl somehow!  The beef was cooked very well indeed.  Unfortunately, the beef bone soup was down right disappointing and weak, even a little too artificially sweet  ~ 6/10

Special Part of Beef Brisket was cooked very well though… pity about the soup!

_1020486bLike a canteen found in any Sports Centre…
Who’d have thought of such a business idea!

Price: $30 to $35 per person
Score:  ★★★

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun:  08:00am - 21:30pm

Address:  柴灣怡順街6號柴灣室內運動場1樓
1/F, Chai Wan Indoor Games Hall, Yee Shun Street, Hong Kong.
Ph: 2889 0309


  1. Interesting how they lumped the exclusive 3 cuts of brisket together with the more expensive one at $3 more. It is interesting that in Taipei for beef noodles, the latest craze is using beef knee bones for cooking the broth and the meat around there as some of the offerings (and of course shank + tendon). But brisket wise, HK is still king with the various clear broth preps.

  2. 請問在那裡SET,一文出一頁.我嗰邊水蛇春咁長

  3. @ Beef No Guy - Beef knee bone? That's very interesting indeed. I think the meat around that area is often eaten by Japanese as momo-niku and also braised in Western cooking. May be less so in Cantonese cooking except for 牛碾 I guess!

    @Tabero - I have trouble keeping up indeed!



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