Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hop Hing (洽興牛什粥麵店) - ♕♕

  There are 2 Hop Hing’s within this area, and I have no idea whether they’re related at all but common sense prevails and tells me they might be of the same origin.   They specialise in Beef Innards here, which upon ordering you will be presented with a varieties of cuts from anywhere within the cow!   Personally however, I thought the Master Stock used to braise these internal organs was too overpoweringly salty and strong, although the texture was just about ok-good..

IMG_7750bThe outlet located at Whampoa Street

Menu offering Beef Offals, Fish balls and Congee.
Typical Chiu Chow styled shop in Hong Kong


Getting ready for the MSG hit, just in case !


Beef Offals and Brisket Platter -
The brisket part was good, but the marination in the master stock was overly salty and non-fragrant ~ 5/10

Beef innards consisted of Lungs, Pancreas, Small and Large intestines and 2 compartments of the Cow’s Stomach (out of 4 parts!).   A little overly salty, plus overly cooked.


A typical Chiu Chow styled Master Stock, beef brisket/flank and innards set up found in HK.
Wait for my better reviews of shops to be coming up 1 day!


Price: $40 per person
Score:  ★★

Address:  紅磡必嘉街86號地下
86 Baker Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon
Ph: 2142 9028

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