Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unar Coffee Company – ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

  A new hole-in-the-wall Cafe has recently opened in Tai Hang, said to be run by very capable baristas who’ve picked up their skills from training in a renowned local cafe -  thanks to Vincent from nearby cafe Cafe Y Taberna for providing this information!  Both shops use the exact same Italian coffee brand (for now) from a blend of 7 coffee beans.   Painted with lumpy black paint with tables and seating arranged directly onto the pedestrian path and back alley, it almost flouts the law, but is precisely what the Hong Kong coffee scene has been deprived of during all these years and which 18 Grams Cafe has also lobbied very hard to promote the movement and cultural shift at their Causeway Bay shop outlet ~ so far without much success from acquiring the required licences…



Sleek Counter and Cakes Display fridge

Espresso -
A heavy-bodied single shot with a toasty hazelnut note and not a hint of acidity,
made very well. A little harsh and bitter in this cup, but so darn close,
it’s hard to tell whether its a beans batch issue or extraction problem.
May need very minor adjustments?  Don’t know !  ~ 7.5/10

Espresso #2 -
This espresso was a lot better than the above one during another visit.
Very Italian and complex, with that old world bold and syrupy profile
ready to leap out at you, with a hint of nutmeg. Very well balanced ~ 8.5/10

Imported Chocolate coated Coffee Bean by Barbera,
very addictive ~ 9/10

Caffe Latte -
Milk perfectly stretched and the cup exhibiting an Italian aromatic profile in an old school way.
This is as close to a perfect Southern Italian style coffee as you can get in HK. The temperature is spot on for me personally as I like them warm rather than scorching, but during Winter nights other customers might prefer it just a tad more warmer?  ~ 9/10

Comes with a Dark Chocolate and Almond Cookie,
very crunchy and suits the coffee perfectly well…

Price: $20 to $40 Per Person
Score: ★★★★★☆

Address: 大坑第二巷4號地下
No.4 Second Lane, Tai Hang
Ph: 2838 5231


  1. Hi , just try the de Neuville...
    just so so

  2. Really? What did you buy there? Just Chocolates ar?

  3. Hi ^^

    set foot there finally :P

    the review of cups seems updated recently, and they impressed me much !! is it, to u, on par with or better than cafe y taberna ?

    nice to meet u there !!

  4. I think this place is about on par with Cafe Y Taberna, its actually very good here! I don't order a lot of milk coffees usually ~ so I need to have a dozen of them from both places before I can come to conclusion :DD



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