Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cast Your Votes for 2011 - Miele Guide Top 20 Asian Restaurants & Saveur Top Food Blogs

Event 1  -  Miele Guide Top 20 Restaurants:

  • Want your opinion to be heard and help influence the final outcome of the Miele Guide's 2011-2012:  Top 20 Restaurants in Hong Kong and Asia Region?    Have your say and support your favorite restaurants by clicking here Vote - Miele Guide or the Miele logo on the left of this blog.  Votes must be submitted before the 16th of May 2011.  Up to 3 votes per country and a maximum of 10 votes. 

Event 2 -  Saveur Best Food Blog Awards 2011: 

  • is also hosting a Vote - Best Food Blog Awards 2011 :  if you have a spare minute, feel free to help cast a vote for this blog and also for my follow blogger friends found under my Favourite Blog's List on the right!    My photos aren't very good compared to others, and I don't travel that much, so perhaps Category of Regional Cuisine (for Hong Kong & Macau) seems more suitable?  Let me know if you need my vote for you too!   Let's help promote Hong Kong top food blogs onto the world blogging scene...     

Hong Kong's  Custard Lava Bun @ 
新興食家 (Sun Hing), Sai Wan

Thank you for your attention!
Bon Appetit! : )

HK Epicurus





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