Friday, April 8, 2011

La Marmite - ♕♕♕ 1/2

  La Marmite, a new French Bistro operated by the Aqua Group, has some promising dishes with interesting combinations of ingredients and sauces.  During this visit however, the execution and attention to details was slightly amiss, and hopefully they will get to improve 1 day..

Epi Bread, Served with Rouille Dip and Butter -
The rouille I was told, has fish in it, which is a novelty.  The butter was too cold to be spreadable.  Epi bread wasn't very artisanal at all in terms of texture, it had shape, but not substance as its just similar to a white bread roll from the supermarket ~  7/10

Table Salt -
No sea salt or fleur de sel from Guerande, or any other artisanal salt here. A little stingy for today's standards if u ask me, considering it's close competition just a street up from here:  Bouchon Bistro Francais  gives customers unlimited use of its fleur de sel...

Kronenburg 1664 - 
Quite fresh and bubbly, well chilled..

Onglet Steak with Onion and Sauteed Potatoes -
This was contradictorily being called both a Bavatte and an Onglet at the same time on the menu.  The steak was very marbled and tender, cooked very well to Medium-Well. Lovely.  The onion pile on top of the steak was overly sweet however, which means I had to keep sprinkling more salt on top to keep it balanced.  The potatoes were cooked in shallow oil, meaning it's really soft and overly oily.  The steak was good, but the garniture was certainly not ~   6.5/10

Apple Tarte Tartin with Vanilla Ice Cream -
The pastry was underbaked when checked flipped over and became soggy, the apples had a slight bitter influence from the Calvados, and even though they were cooked to transparent weren't very caramelised.  This also arrived very cold, but surprisingly the ice cream was also melty anyway (but tasted very vanilla and lovable) ~  4/10

Front -
Fluorescent green colour aside, this new Bistro sounds promising as the recipes are quite modern and up-to-date with the modern Bistronomique trend in Paris.  However, the food and presentation doesn't seem to carry a lot of passion in it, and the execution was less than stellar on this occasion....  PROMISING THOUGH!

Price:  $320 + 10% Per Person 
Score:  ★★

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun:   11:00am - 15:00pm
                     18:00pm - 23:00pm

Address: 中環士丹頓街46號地下及1樓
G/F & 1/F, 46 Staunton Street, Central
Ph: 2803 7808

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