Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Antica Gelateria di Roma (Rome, Italy) - ♕

  They often say and warn people that there are many Tourist Traps to be found in Rome and Milan.  Most of these are majoratively located around touristy spots.   I would generally disagree with this statement however, because I found that most places treat customers all alike enough.  Sure, some shops might sell you items or food which are aimed solely at fellow European’s or Overseas tourists, sometimes carrying mark-ups which one finds hard to swallow and recipes which might not be the best versions you can potentially receive, but that does not mean they try to rob you empty and be left for dead on the street.


Gelateria Antica Roma however, is definitely a Tourist Trap -
depending on how and what you order, and this is located near the Spanish Steps.  

   Unfortunately Antica Gelateria di Roma is one of the relative few I've encountered which carries absolutely no shame in shaking every penny out of your pocket at all cost.   I'd say the extent to which they practise this unethical approach in scamming is way worst than ANY Asian, Mediterranean or South American countries.   OK, the Gelati quality here is to be honest pretty decent,  albeit definitely not Artisanal in execution.  It is fairly generic just like most caffe bars in Rome use commercial coffee blends mostly acquired through mass-produced central suppliers!   Here they even bothered to set up a very pretty counter with ice cream cones and floral arrangements and this became truly a sight by itself and nearly worth a visit alone!    WHAT DO THEY DO THEN,  TO TRY TO TRAP THE TRAVELLER?   Well, every foreign customers walking thru the door especially the American tourists were asked to sit down in English.   Please don't and totally ignore this.  Never ever sit in Italy!    And herein lies the problem.   As soon as you are sat, the price automatically jacks up by 400-500%.   Unfortunately, I was also manipulated by this shop's female owner despite originally intending to eat my Gelato as a take-away, but since I also ordered a separate Cannolo and they recommended that I sit down to consume the price instantly jumped up by a few folds.  In hindsight, I should have just walked outta there right then and right now....  

Gelati Selection -
These are not bad to be honest...

Amazing -
Pretty, the way they arrange the Gelati Waffle cones and flowers..

Cannolo Siciliano  €6.0 -
As much as this shop is an opportunistic shop, I’ve got to say this Cannolo with its ricotta cheese, orange peel and crispy pastry was of excellent quality compared to those available in Hong Kong.   But you can easily get one for half the price anywhere else in Italy ~  8/10


Gelati Cone €15 -
As a take-away, this would have costed €3.50 at most, but as soon as they convinced me to sit down this jumped up by 500% instantly, and they were trying to play this prank to any English Speakers coming through the door - luckily, I warned the subsequent group in English not to fall for the trap!   The Maron Glace & Cioccolato flavours were definitely not completely natural and made from pre-made pastes, but relatively speaking already were very good to anything available in Hong Kong.  But I’d just gotten ripped off for what is a basic Gelati Cone,  so I don't really know how to rate this fairly.  But just to serve it as a warning and deterrent?  This shop can Go to Hell ! ~  6.9/10

If this extra 20% supplement policy doesn’t make for suspicion to prove that this is a tourist trap -  I don’t know what is !   Stay right clear from here, unless you know what you’re doing.  Take-away is fine however, but you need to be persistent, unlike yours truly!! Sad smile

Price: €21.5 Per Person including VAT
*A Tourist Trap, beware, unless you're willing to insist on buying Take-away only!

Address: Via di Propaganda 26 B, Piazza di Spagna, 00187 Rome, Italy
Ph: +39 066797259


  1. I love Italy, culture, food, history, and the fine arts. But you see this table pricing pretty much in all the cafes/espresso bars....never thought they would do it in a gelati shop at that level of pushy marketing...what a disgrace. Then again in a country that relies heavily on what the ancestors passed down, and the fact that the use of toilets is never free (e.g. Venice or just buying an espresso just to use the loo), it does not surprise me.

  2. Yep I love Italy a lot, especially their history and architecture and arts. Food, no need to mention haha!

    But yes apparently, the Table Pricing policy with caffe bars has to do with Tax mostly, and even then, sitting down you won't feel a big big sting relatively speaking. And come to think of it, this mark-up with sitting down vs take-away, is also seen in HK at Cova, Mandarin Cake Shop, or even Chez Shibata. But with dressing up the table with Table Cloths, or charging u way more for Gelati - that's just evil! :X



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