Monday, April 18, 2011

Caffe Tazza D’Oro (Rome) - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

  Just because Caffe Tazza D’Oro  might be located merely 2 minutes walk from The Pantheon doesn’t necessarily mean it is a tourist bounded destination Caffe/Café by default.   In fact,  some of the best artisanal Caffe bars are found right around this block in Rome.   Thank god there are finally Independent Roasters to be discovered here, and I can get a true taste of an artisanal Italian Roaster’s coffee style instead of always drinking commercial coffee! 


The Pantheon -
I’ve studied about this building during University, but in reality, it’s just another ‘My Dad is Bigger than Your Dad’s’  left-over monuments from the rich families and empires from the Roman Empire period…


This building was a mean engineering feat back in the days however,
but there are better Architectural buildings found in Rome and throughout Italy..


Touted as one of the 2-3 best Caffe’s in Rome,
with independent roasting of their own coffee beans -
There are many Caffe’s along this strip and within the North-West district,
but this is one of the rare real Artisanal Coffee Shops and why I was here on this occasion !

Bar Area -
It’s crowded, but surprisingly most of them were Italian locals but I spotted a few tourists..

Pick your Preferred Choice and pay at the Cashier -
This cashier chap is very friendly in a genuine way..!  Not arrogant and pushy at all.

Fairly Old School set-up.  And so was the taste…

Espresso -
Made from 100% Arabica beans and roasted on site, this was made well to its intention.  The taste still has that Southern Italian spicy nose, but it also carries a dark mocha-java blend like chocolaty broodiness to it, and despite not being bitter, it was nearly hitting on that note.  This was almost the polar opposite of a bright and mid-bodied Espresso in London, particularly Monmouth Coffee ~  7/10

Caffé d'orzo -
You know what?  Barley or Ginseng based espressi are very popular in Rome, it is found in almost all Caffeterie and Caffe Bars.  If you’re wondering why I didn’t drink any Espresso Romano (with a lemon peel) here, it’s because its mostly an American invention not really found in Rome.  Much like Spaghetti Carbonara here isn’t made with cream ! : P   This Barley Espresso is only poured from a ready-made machine.  It’s fairly commercialised compared to the espresso above but it was an interesting experience and a 1st for me  ~  6.5/10  


Now this is what I call a Coffee Roasting machine -
I’d even call this to be a small machine compared to some of the larger scale roasting facilities I’ve visited, which sometimes spans the whole width of a warehouse!  Hot Top Coffee Roasters aren’t that bad, but they won’t be as consistent as one of these monsters..

This is just so Italian -
The coffee style served here is definitely not 3rd Wave coffee, which normally expresses the original terroir of the coffee beans.  Yet this is not overly commercial either.  Late 2nd Waver perhaps?




Price: €2 - €3 Per Person including VAT
Coffee Score:

Via degli Orfani, 84 (Pantheon) - 00186 Roma
Ph: +


  1. I am loving how slowly you are working through your backlog as it is letting me experience places I haven't been to for years. I remember going here and loving it. I almost thought I should start up smoking as it seemed fitting :/

  2. Tom its strange you mentioned about smoking - the espresso I had here was almost cigar like in a way. I would say it was quite unique amongst the Italian Coffees I've had during this trip and there's quite a few more review to come. Yes, I think this was definitely 1 of a kind. Lost of words :)



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