Friday, April 8, 2011

Pizzeria Cleopatra (Rome) - ♕♕♕♕♕

  Those who know me well might have heard that I am not a biggest fan of Roman Style Pizza, which tends to be baked slightly too crispy, the base crust sometimes too thin like a biscuit.  I don't mind it actually, I just wouldn't go out of my way to eat it even when I visit Italy...   But there is another Roman style pizza which is not readily available in Hong Kong but which I enjoy quite a lot (may be because I used to always pick up a slice as a snack in Melbourne!).   This is Rome's other famous pizza alter-ego, namely Pizza A Taglio:   it differs from its round shaped cousin, in that this is usually par-baked first and then made to sit in a display tray.  They are then cut into rectangular slices upon ordering, according to how much the customer needs and is weighed on a scale to calculate the final price!  The pizza slices are reheated in the oven quickly, then either folded into a sandwich for convenience, or sometimes sliced into more smaller pieces for devouring...

Pizzeria Cleopatra -
Named after the ancient beauty and Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra was known to have some sort of past encounter with men of the glorious Rome Empire back in the days.  This is located opposite the Termini Station.  I can imagine locals thinking of this to be more of an amateurish joint, even a tourist trap, but I went past quite a few Pizza A Taglio Pizzeria's and found this to be pretty decent in the end.  Relative to HK pizzeria's, this is even considered gorgeous ~ !

Pizza A Taglio -
Ordered by the slice, but usually always by 2 slices, for eating on the go quickly..

Salsiccia e Mozzarella -
I ordered this folded into a sandwich.  The sausages were slightly herbed, the cheese was very aromatic and nicely crusted.  For what is basically a street stall and not even a famous shop by any means, this was absolutely gorgeous for a quick snack  ~  9/10

Crust -
Nicely browned and soft, yet aerated and chewy all at once.  The flexibility offered by this casual style of pizza differs from the more famous Rounded Roman Pizza, but in fact, I find these to be more satisfying in the end due to the overall texture and extra aroma!

Fast Food Pizza A Taglio -
What I need to survive everyday!
Provided I can even find any here in HK..

Price:  Euro € 2.50 - € 3.50, depending on weight
Score:  ★★

Address: Via Circonv. Appia 38, 00197 Rome, Italie.
*Opposite Termini Station

Ph: 39 (0) 67 834 8414


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