Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dai Fat (大發餐廳) - ♕♕♕♕

  2009 Hong Kong Milk Tea Champion works in this isolated New Territories Cha Chan Teng in Yuen Long.  Is his tea that good, that it's worth traveling all the way here to sample?  Well when I got to try it out during the HK Food and Wine Festival 2 years ago, it was very good.  The tea was balanced in aroma, flavour, tannin and the evaporated milk taste and smoothness.  Fast forward many months later, and how was the tea this time?  It was slightly bitter and too strong, and definitely not smooth.  However, Agent W reminded me it's a possibility my tea wasn't made by Mr Champion himself when I visited ~  which could well be true because the bar area is not easily visible to the customers here!  So its a gamble..

Right opposite the Light Rail station,  not that hard to find -
*Actually, I found this by accident.  I was meant to be searching for Accro Coffee instead :P

HK French Toast  (Peanut Butter)-
This was done very well here.  I've tried many versions in HK, and only 3-4 shops get it really right and here is one of them.  Buttery and eggy, not overly soggy or oily.  Nice ~  8/10

HK Milk Tea with Evaporated Milk -
It was a bit too strong in tea taste and bitter, the tannin grips the tongue!
Not that balanced during this visit ~  5/10

Price:  $30 - $40 Per Person
Score:  ★★

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -   06:00am - 23:00pm

Address:  元朗洪水橋翠珊園地下5號舖
5 Treasure Court, Castle Peak Road, Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Ph: 2443 5533

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  1. I remember reading about the contest winner of this place, and wondered how it compared to Lan Fong Yuen (even I have never drank one at LFY regrettably). Seems like the neverending chase for a good beverage, so easy on the surface, yet so complex and scientific to make.



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