Monday, May 9, 2011

Bar Chef Express (Rome, Italy) - ♕♕♕

  One can’t help but notice how many Caffe Bars operate left and right everywhere within sight in this city, often with no sit down service.   Although not a single Caffe really stood out in Rome, everyone here knows how to make a decent Italian style espresso!    Bar Chef Express is one of the more commericalized Train Station caffe bars.  Part of the larger Cremonini Group, you see this brand at the airport, at the busier stations from Rome to Napoli to Milan and nowadays they operate onboard most European trains!     Lavazza coffee is strictly served at Chef Express, a proven brand.   It has many blends, not all of them work!



IMG_1231People queue here for their Caffeine fix -
But if I were you and have spare time, walk across the street only 2 minutes away and visit here instead:    Parana Caffe .   Much better coffee!


A selection of Wraps, Cornetti, Focaccia, Brioche, Piadina or Pizza Merlino, etc. -
Very commercialized stuff.  I’ll pass, thanks!


Pre-grinded Coffee, Dirty Espresso Station, Uncleaned Steam Wand, Re-used Milk, Espresso poured into Paper Cups directly.  In other countries, this would be considered taboo and an epic fail!   But in this land of high-turnover, the results won’t be as bad as it seems on the service.


Espresso -  € 1.0
A good looking crema with an oily and woody character, followed up with a bitterly note.  This does not carry the slightly spicy note of more interesting coffees I’ve had in this city.   There was no doubt this particular blend (created in Turin), was created to be drank with sugar!    ~   5/10



Price:  €1 Per Person
Coffee Score: ★★★☆☆☆

Address: Chef Express S.p.A, Buffet Roma Termini, Via Marsala, 25, 00185 Roma, Italy.

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