Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden Pizza (Rome, Italy) - ♕♕♕♕

  Much like my pizza at Pizzeria Cleopatra,  this shop sells the squarish Roman ‘Pizza A Taglio’, which is usually more for a quick bite or take-away.  The Rounder Thin Crispy type are found more in Pizzeria Ristorante.   Compared to the other shop, the quality here is similar, although it did lose out slightly in the pizza base which was more powdery.  Having said that I’ll be happy to find this quality of A Taglio pizza in town for daily consumption!   Food in Italy is just generally better on the whole!  



Menu – with Prices calculated in Units of 100 grams..
They also have Calzoni, Panini, Pizza Ripiena, etc.  And an amazing array of flavours..


Most Importantly – the Fritti Station
I think most Pizzerie in Italy have something we don’t have, and that’s the important 1st half of a true authentic Pizzeria experience - the Fritti starters!    Here, you’ll find typical things like
Suppli (similar to Arancini, a Sicilian thing also found here),  Fillet of Bacalao or Calamari,  Olive Ascolane, Mozzarellie Fritte, Crochette, Fiori di Zucca, and least but not last Carciofi Fritte when in season… etc.

Choose your Flavours and Amount Wanted -
Normally people order 2 pieces and fold it, but I only wanted 1 smaller piece…

Place Order at Counter -

Pizza is Weighed on a Scale, 
then both Fritti and Pizza items are reheated in Oven quickly -

Fiori di Zucca – € 1,50
Zucchini Flowers are fried.  One of my favourite fritti items… Surprising fresh, even though looking like it’s been in the display for a while.  And Not oily either!  ~  9/10

No Stuffing in this one. 
I like them stuffed with Ricotta Cheese or Crustacean mousse..

Pizze Bresaola, Rucola, Porcini, Tartufata  € 0,80  -
When this arrived, it was sliced up into 3 smaller pieces, since I didn’t buy a pizza sandwich this time unlike at Pizzeria Cleopatra.  It did appear slightly different from my expectations, as this had hardly any Bresaola or truffle paste.  But there was more buffalo cheese and Porcini pieces and porcini cream sauce.  Not bad at all.  At least the base was nicely aerated and not ultra hard, like at some other places.  And at only € 0,80, around HKD$9 a slice.  A bargain   ~  7/10


Price:  €2,30 Per Person
Score: ★★★★☆☆

Garden Pizza SRL.  V.G. Giolitti 69, 00185 Roma, Italy


  1. The toppings really look drool-worthy, even though the base doesn't look that appealing to me! So cheap too...

    "Food in Italy is just generally better on the whole!" In my opinion, it's much cheaper to live/eat well in Europe than in Hong Kong...since it's the norm. But there aren't dirt-cheap prices like what you can find in Hong $2 eggtarts which can be super good too haha

  2. Yeh the toppings there are pretty evenly distributed, and also very Roman style. The base is definitely not as good as the other shop - but I think compared to HK this is already acceptable.

    I like this kind of Pizza Bar : ) As for cheap stuff, that's the weird thing. MANY people say, and Russia aside as they're having a business boom, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or even Eastern Europe or British places in HK are expensive because of the rental. But then how come the Chinese CCT and Egg Tarts etc can still be so cheap?

    Anyway, I just reviewed Pasta Mio on Openrice - that seems to be decently priced at least, even though could be better still!



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