Friday, May 20, 2011

Di San Crispino - (Rome, Italy)

  According to online or travel book recommendations, the Di San Crispino chain of Artisanal Gelato shops is one of the best ones in town, amongst a few selections!   Compare it to what local writer and blogger says however, apparently this shop’s gelato texture is slightly more ice-cream like than normal gelato – and I agree!    There’s no doubt everything is made-in-house here as the flavours and colours are all very natural.  Its just that the texture is a little different from other places, but it is still rather good in my experience.

One of the few Di San Crispino Outlets -

Flavours -
They have some signature flavours here,
one famously named after the shop.

Gelateria Set Up -
Quite different to your usual setting..

Gelati Freezing Canisters -
Are covered with stainless steel lids to maintain temperature. 
Why present them like this you might Ask? 

Because, Every single Canister are kept at their Own Individual Different Temperatures -
In order to maximise the best result out of each individual flavour’s preferred freezing point!!   Talk about being technical..  So when you see “showy” and colourful displays next time elsewhere , do think about how Visual Appeal is not necessarily the true face of real Artisanal Gelati!

No Artificial Ingredients -
Just because 99.5% out there, cannot claim the same..

Coppetta:   Nocciola (bottom), Crema al Pistacchio (left), Crema di Pinoli (right) -
Hazelnut has a strong nuts flavour despite a lack of artificial coloring input.  The Pistacchio is of the Raw rather than Toasted aromatic type available elsewhere (probably deliberately so!)  The Pine Nuts Cream is my favourite, very naturally fragrant.   The texture isn’t very Italian-gelato like yes, so I guess there must be better ones around in Rome -  that I haven’t had the chance to visit on this occasion.   Nevertheless enjoyable !  ~   8/10

Price:  €5.5 Per Person
Score: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: Piazza della Maddalena 2-3, Roma
Ph: 06.6889 1310

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