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Caprice ( III ) - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Michelin 3 Stars 

Caprice seems to be more ‘caprice’ to me during day time, as it somehow reverts back to more conservative French recipes when they enter the night and then there is a gradual metamorphosis of the dining room into something more intensely formal.  Yes, even the dress code.   Men must arrive with a collared shirt or jacket just like some of its European counterparts (apart from Spain that is) during night visits,  it’s just like going to work once again!   Whereas lunch is when you can really lay back and enjoy the impeccable service and that killer of a harbour view, but bring some sunglasses!   Food-wise, one might even find bigger surprises during lunch as the kitchen can afford to be more relaxed and exploratory,  and the lunch crowd probably come with different expectations anyway.  Its much like how GOLD by Harlan’s becomes more playful with his multi-regional recipes during lunch hours.   Weekend Lunch is usually a 3 Course affair, and the not so hefty $480 price tag even includes a glass of Chilean Wine.   Michelin 3 Stars wise?   A bargain indeed..


Sea Salt -
I use this on the unsalted butter on the bread rolls !

Garlic Focaccia -
Completely unnecessary.  Way too strong in garlic and spoils the palate, I spitted it out in no time.  Mind you, this would be good on its own.  Just not before more bread and a big meal  ~  0/10

Lovely Bread Basket -

French Hand-churned Butter, Salted (Far) and Un-salted (Closer) -
Very creamy yet subtle in buttery flavour.  How come I have never gotten the smoked or seaweed or espelette versions eating here, but others have?   Smile with tongue out

Sesame Brioche and Olive Roll -
Love the bread at Caprice, as always.  One of the best around town ~  9/10


A White Sauvignon Blanc from Rapel Valley (Chile),
and a Red Merlot from Stellenbosch (Chile)

Bouillabaisse Jelly, Tiger Prawn and Light Brandade -
This was an amazing dish for lunch.  The herbs and flowers gave it colour and lightness, the bouillabaisse jelly was refreshing yet crustacean fresh, with a hint of cod mousse enhancing it all.  Encore !!     ~   10/10



Green Asparagus Veloute & Aromatic White Cheese Toast -
Apparently very good, but the so called white cheese wasn’t very apparent.  The staff said this is made from burrata, but I don’t know why they would?    N/R

Steamed Pink Snapper, Anis Scent, Tomato Concasse and Brittany Artichokes
in Grelette Sauce -
This fish was cooked perfectly, a great job. The sauce seemed a bit oily for a grelette but it was nicely sour and refreshing.   Sided with a 3 spoon quenelle of tomato puree.   The only problem?  The Anis Scent made this dish ‘smell’ very fishy for some reason during the entire time it was infront of me, but when we ate it it was fine. Very strange indeed…  ~  8/10


Braised Beef Cheek on Chocolate, Swiss Chard and Green Gratin -
The 24 hours braised beef cheek’s taste was ok albeit a little salty, the meat sauce didn’t carry much perceptible chocolate.  The cheek’s texture was however quite dryish solid inside and gelatinous in nature – this reminds me of a poorly cooked Dry Beef Rendang…  Gratinated swiss chard leaves and the chard stalks were lovely nevertheless.  My dining companion wasn’t very happy with this dish and prob regret not picking another  ~   6/10


Petits Fours of Carrot Cake, Salted Caramel, Pineapple & Coconut Choco Cup,
Mint & Strawberry Marshmallow   -
These looked pretty.  A few ppl have complained about receiving carrot cake here (haha!), but for me its ok.  The pineapple-coconut chocolate was a bit sweet and like pina colada.  Caramels had some salt crystals which are quite salty when it melts!   But we disliked the mint and strawberry marsh, simply because it was too sweet and minty without fruit flavour ~  8/10

Aha.. The Dessert Tray, with an Easter Twist -

Carrot Cake (Lamb),  Dead Chicken Macaron,  Chocolate Brownie with Pistachio Mousse -

Apple Tart with White Chocolate and Coconut Mousse, Macaron and
Chocolate & Salted Caramel Éclair with Jelly Bean ‘Eggs Nest’ -
Out of all of these, we loved the éclair the most.  Unlike the Chez Shibata one, this had the right texture and a dark caramel aroma.  The apple tart was quite good for me, though obviously the marzipan rabbit ears are just for decoration.    ~  7.5/10

Dead Chicken Macaron with Pineapple -
We thought the others were cute, but this looked like a rubber chicken stuffed into a macaron, perhaps a little too much of a prank coming out from a Michelin 3 Star kitchen? : P  The downstairs “The Lounge”  Easter sweets looked more fun but remained mature!  And this is only a personal perception isn’t it?   May be others like it.   Unfortunately, this was way too sweet and the texture was too crunchy outside yet too chewy inside, like its stuffed with too much tar-tar in the shell.  We’ve both eaten enough French macarons to tell, this could be even better! 

Caffe Latte was said to be good and it looks better than in the past - 
Tea wise, I chose the Four Seasons blend -   which is unique to Hong Kong’s 4 Seasons Hotel.  From memory it’s made from Jasmine Tea and Lavender, which gives it a floral fragrance with an Oriental feel.   Gets better with the 2nd round! 



Price:  $530 + 10% Per Person for Lunch
Score: ★★★★★☆

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -    12:00pm - 22:30pm

Address: 中環金融街8號四季酒店6樓
6th Floor, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central, HK
Ph: 3196 8888

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