Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hung Kee Eggettes – ( 鴻記極品雞蛋仔 )

   Came past this housing development in HK’s Sai Wan Ho as I regularly do for no other purpose than being nosy!    I noticed a big signboard stating that Hung Kee Eggettes has been casted the No. 1 vote by CNNGo in 2010, apparently serving the best Gai Daan Jai in Hong Kong.  What intrigued me the most is that the article was written by the very friendly and humble Charmaine (aka: 猛人), whom I’d had the pleasure to meet during our last piggy fest rendezvous together at Kimberley’s and also some dessert trips afterwards.    She’s also a long time contributor to London’s Timeout Magazine and as well as freelance writer to multiple publications such as CNN Go.  I think I can trust her palate, yes !

The CNN Go article to be found online here - Hong Kong’s Best Egg Waffle Challenge:

29052011745-129052011744-1Owner Mr. Lai  -  黎先生
A Talkative Guy, whom carried across as someone thinking that he’s the Best Eggette Master
in the World!   Confident !

Eggette, Gai Daan Jai, 雞蛋仔  (Literally translated as Mini-Chicken-Eggs!) -
Very Crispy exterior, with soft cakey interior.  Definitely right up there with the best!
According to the owner, not only did Charmaine the article contributor came to eat it but it’s her boss at CNN Go who always comes past for a treat now and then.   A good recommendation indeed.   Whether this is the best version available in HK awaits verification however as I haven’t eaten that many and everyone has different opinions!    The Tai Hang 大坑伯伯 version had a lot more Charcoal Aroma compared to this, which is a different beast compared to this cleaner but eggier version.   I would say it’s about similar performance to 低調高手, but just a smidgeon better over here.  Definitely better than the original North Point 利強記 by a square mile!  ~    8/10

Price:  $10 Per Person
Score: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Closes at 23:00pm sharp

Address: 西灣河太安樓第二街A34
A34C Tai On Lau, Sai Wan Ho


  1. I was so disappointed with North Point's 利強記!! This one looks quite filled and cakey, which I usually don't like, but I'll need to try it before I pass any judgement :P Tai Hang Grandpa's version is charcoaly, but way, way too cakey for me. Both this one and 低調高手are so far away...! What makes a goo gai daan zai in your opinion? I think it needs to be crispy, almost brittle, on the outside, but a bit hollow inside, maybe 1/2 to 2/3 filled with cooked batter. The batter should be risen and set but not too dry; never with cake-like crumbs, and of course, not too sweet. But maybe everyone has their own idea of the perfect GDZ?

  2. I think what you described as a good/best GDZ - will be what I don't mind eating haha! I never really gave it so much thought!

    But I'll be hard pressed to find a 6 out a 6 GDZ for now : D

  3. oh,so good to stumble upon this post and i tried this snack food under a friend's recommendation during my very short trip to HK, it's nice! aim to try more of the food you intro here :)

  4. hi :) i will be in hong kong soon and i would like to know where exactly can i buy this good eggettes?
    many thanks

  5. Hi!

    You can go to Sai Wan Ho MTR subway station - and then it will only be 2 mins walk from there!

    Alternatively, Shop B3 G/F, 76A , Shau Kei Wan just a station away also has a pretty good store - the name is only in Chinese, but you can find details here!:

    Hope that helps and feel free to ask me again. Alternatively I don't mind bringing you there if you arrive, since I live close to this area :P




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