Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Menu @ W52 Restaurant

   Thanks to W52 and Celine for their cordial invitation to try out the latest Spring and Summer dishes created by new Chef Francesco.  Celine is also a passionate Fashion Blogger herself, so please come check out her website here @ Coco Celine !    W52’s food is not news to me as I already went there and posted a review on it on its 1st opening day,  but it seems like they’ve now taken a new direction with the restaurant’s approach once again!  The Italian staple food is given a even more modern twist here nowadays,  and you can really see the input by the Chef and his creativity in each dish!      The other attraction which I’ve yet to try out, is their Aperitivo Hour -  during which an array of stuzzichini dishes are given out for free with yours drinks during happy hour.  A very traditional Italian way to wind down the day after work..



Antipasti Buffet Table -
This is actually quite attractive



It’s Quality >  Quantity
Not much selections but the food tasted good  though..


Sliced Parma Ham -


Some Vegetarian and Seafood Options -



Dessert Table -
Quality seems to be quite high and not like the often localised Buffet ones,
found in so many other restaurants



A European Mineral Water -





House Made Bread Basket -
The Grissini quality here is very high!   Very fragrant.  It is the traditional harder type, not the soft bready one.   Squid ink bread has improved from before too.


A Dip for the bread -


2 Types of Pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano Cheeses,
Olives and Peppers stuffed with Mascarpone -
These are really good




My Antipasti Platter -
The Roast Beef was excellent and had a great beef flavour,  the Parma Ham was the softer type.  The salami and grilled eggplant I got a small tasting of..Smile




But it’s the Roman Tripes -
Which I will come back for.   This was done exceptionally well, as good as is found in Europe.


Fish Croquette -
This was like a fish nugget.  Interesting.




Melanzane - Eggplant and Buffalo Ricotta cheese Involtini,  with fresh pea purée $160
This was a very neatly presented dish.  I actually appreciate this,  as most modern Italian food in town are not put together beautifully.  This was a good starter entrée.


CARCIOFI - Crispy stuffed artichoke hearts/ Pecorino Romano crust/ fresh herbs  $180
With an artichoke puree.  This was a lovely dish using Sicilian artichokes in season.  This was one of 2-3 highlights for the day.   Excellent!   Love that contrasting flavour between the greens and the cheese crust,  and again presented beautifully.  Smile




POLPO - Bruschetta with grilled Octopus and potatoes/ Sardinian Mullet Bottarga Roe $180
This is 1.5 serving size.   The Octopus was good but it could do with a little bit more presence of the Bottarga Roe to give it that extra dimension…



GNOCCHI DI PATATE - Fresh potato gnocchi with Mascarpone and vanilla sauce,
toasted hazelnuts – $130 (S), $180 (L)
The home made gnocchi were the tinier type and had a good bite.   The Vanilla in the cheese sauce was interesting when paired with the gnocchi,  but it works.   I think incorporating in a little bit of meat or game meat into this dish will work even better!



RICCIOLA - Roasted Italian Amberjack fish with rosemary, Warm Sicilian onion, Orange and
Green olives salad and Pine nuts -  $320
This to me and my fellow diner was a little too over-cooked and not fatty enough.  I think a Swordfish will probably work better although ‘Ricciola’ is a traditional Italian fish dish.  The garnish of the orange segments, olives and the barely cooked onions were good however. 



ASTICE AL BURRO - Boston lobster, Endive & Artichoke butter sauce  $430
This is another 2nd highlight dish.  Usually boston lobster can be a bit mealy, but this was really fresh and had a bounciful texture.  Most importantly this surprisingly worked really well with the Artichoke butter sauce and the whole pieces of artichoke hearts.  A combo that I’ve never tried before but so brilliant -  I want to return and eat this dish!   Lovely Lobster!  Smile





Espresso -
They changed to another Italian brand, which is a lot more smokier and bolder.  I liked the previous one better.    And unfortunately and apologies to be frank,  this espresso wasn’t made very well.  It was watery and pulled for too long, which gave it that ashy character.     As a coffee person,  I am continually surprised at how Italian restaurants in town with Italians managers or bar tenders make their coffee without proper training.   Throughout my Italian trip and I’ve had like 20 coffees,  only 1 place made me a bad coffee the rest were all spot on!!  Improve!





Macarons,  Profiteroles and Chocolate Fudge Cakes -
From the Desserts buffet table.




PANNA COTTA alle MELE VERDI - Pannacotta with Green apple Granita and Apple Salad  $95
Arriving on a very hot day,  this was a godsend.  Very refreshing.   Its priced a little high but its made very well,  the apple granita and the panna cotta works together so well. Smile



Tuscan Chocolate and Ricciarelli Parfait $95
This was a Tuscan chocolate based frozen parfait,  with a scoop of additional gelato and some biscuity crumbs.   I think this was made well,  but if they could incorporate multiple flavouring layers!




Price:   Lunch Set starts from mid $195 to $255.   A La Carte is as above.
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Coffee: ♕♕

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thurs-  06:00am - 23:00pm
Fri to Sat -   06:00am - 23:30pm

Address: 中環雲咸街52號地下至3樓
G/F-3/F, 52 Wyndham Street, Central
Ph: 6768 5252


  1. that antipasti table looks great once again. On my last visit (2010) it was great but when i wanted to go back in April we actually left because the table looked pretty sad. Here it looks revived once again and the new menu sounds/looks delish!

  2. Dear G.

    Yeh I hope they can maintain their consistency! I actually really liked this antipasti table on the quality of food and it serves what I personally like. Although it could still have a few more selections!

    I do like the new menu. A little pricey yes, but the quality of food is pretty good plus their recipes are very unique for HK !



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