Saturday, October 15, 2011

Barney Allen’s - (Melbourne)

  Iain Hewitson.  Who is he  or Huey,  you might curiously ask?  Well I’ve seen him a couple of times in Crown Casino but he is probably better known as a celebrity chef.  Pretty well known indeed.   He is said to make a killer of a burger,  ever since he had splitted up with Mirka down the road and opened with another partner this half pub and half eatery joint.   It spells casual!



Found adjacent opposite Café di Stasio,  a grossly over-rated 2 Hatted Italian restaurant in The Good Food Guide when measuring by International Standards,  compared to say the previously reviewed GOLD, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo in HK,  or Vivendo in Rome and many others  (or even Grossi Florentino locally,  which is heaps better )  It’s also opposite the newly established and  pretty decent Chinese inspired diner Golden Fields.  


James Squire Golden Ale -
This is honestly a world class beer if not more.  It is complex yet balanced.  Makes the beers by White Rabbit or Little Creatures pale in comparions…   Amazing stuff.




Iain’s  Kick Arse BBQ Sauce -
Good to see they serve this house tuned BBQ sauce with their burger and fries.
It is both tangy, sweet and slightly spicy at the same time -  but not very smoky.  Decent.




Barney Allen’s Burger -  $12.50 Add Chips for $2.50
This has always been a bargain of a burger.  With an onion relish that is slightly too sweet to adorn a burger,  but well fried bacon and very beefy patty.  The shaved beetroot is so Aussie!  The beef was actually pretty tasty and huge.  I thought the buns were Vietnamese bread shop standards.   Fries were decent.  At $15.0,  this is good value for money as this burger is ginormous and thick.


Overall Too Sweet,  Bun was average,  Beef was Overcooked -
On the positive side this was really beefy and very good value for money !
Better than the hammered thin Andrew’s Hamburger or over-herbed Grill’d,  that’s a plus.  It’s funny how people like Danny’s and Andrew’s -  both are overcooked piles of messes with  supermarket quality bun and sauces  (sorry if I sound mean).  One common thing between HK and Melbourne is that burgers are generally pretty average,  but Melbourne probably just wins on average visits…
~  6.9/10

Price: AUD $15.0
Foode: ♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Mon to Thu  -    3pm - 1am
Fri to Sun    -   Noon - 1am

Address:  14 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, Melbourne
Ph: (03) 9525 5477


  1. I think one of the nicer burgers i had was the wagyu at cafe vue. imagine, i don't eat beef cos of religious purposes but broke it cos it was too good. Not sure if it is still as good now.

  2. Yeh the Cafe Vue burger is very good - in fact it is better than the Robuchon Salon de The version. I haven't had it yet during this trip, but I will! The beef becomes a little too lose though quite easily there.

    I need their lunch box heheeh



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