Friday, October 7, 2011

Taco Truck Melbourne -

  There are quite a few Mexican options in town (ranging from Mex-Mex, Cal-Mex to Tex-Mex).  But now there is a Taco Truck running around and has proved to be quite elusive to find than I could imagine -  even when closely following their daily opening spot from Facebook/Twitter!   The food was surprisingly very tasty,  but in its own interpretation which was probably slightly Aust-Mex in style!  Not a bad thing.  As long as the food is tasty enough that you’d want to go back again  : )

I found it !  The Taco Truck that drives around Melbourne to different spots everyday…
Along with its Beatbox Burger sister van alongside it !!


Jarritos Mandarina -
Kind of like a Mandarin flavoured Fanta.  
To the left are the chili salsa’s ranging from mild to very hot !


OMG.  It smells good!

Fish Taco -
Came with fried fish, bit of slaw,  a squeeze of lime (yes lime, not lemon, thank god!) and poppy mayo.    This was addictive good,  in a Aust-Mex type of way !   ~   


Crispy Nacho Chips (right),  and Chicken Taco on the left -
Comes with very fragrant chicken pieces and corn salsa, Chipotle mayo and spinach.  At $6.0 a taco it’s decently priced.   Another winner!   If Aust-Mex is not your thing,  there are other So Cal style or authentic Mex stuff in town. 


Price: AUD $12 per person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2


Address:  Search and Like Taco Truck Melbourne on Facebook:,  and you’ll know the up-to-date as to their whereabouts.   I think they close on Mon-Tues,  and mostly operates in the 3pm to 8 or 9pm time slots?

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