Monday, October 24, 2011

Duit Bar Garagardotegia – (San Sebastian)

   One of the most confusing but educational things about traveling around Spain,  is that everywhere you go there seems to be a few language dialects in use in parallel.   Say ordering Spanish food in Hong Kong and Australia where most of the food is written in normal Spanish dialect  and so you think you know your dishes -  then visiting the more suburban cities in Catalonia and you kind of need to relearn everything from zero again about ordering ‘Tapes’.    Note I had deliberately spelt Pintxos as Pinchos in the previous review,  because that is how that particular restaurant markets it as,  despite the rest of the food being written in Basque and not Spanish language.    It can become confusing and more so after a drink or two at a Garagardotegia -  a Basque equivalent of a cervezeria.    Duit Bar Garagardotegia has a nice website here  if you want to take a look: and do look out for the interesting beer and specialty Gins section.



Found this randomly for a late drink before bed..




A favourite tripel style beer by Karmeliet,  from Belgium -
For what is a local bar,  this surprisingly carried a lot of artisanal beers from around the world,
especially Belgium.



Croquetas Queso de Cabrales -
Good to order some Raciones sized tapas to down with the beer,  and minus the too carby montadito like piece of bread under all normal Basque Pintxos.   These fried croquetas were made with a special Northern Spain blue cheese,  they were done well.   ~   10/10



The Food served in this Bar -
are prepared fresh from the kitchen and without any food displays.  A rare sight to find!
The International beers and gins choice was also excellent.  I think San Sebastian is beginning to surprise me.   

Address:  Antonio Arzak, 4,  (20018) Donostia-San Sebastián
Ph: 943 312 717



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