Friday, October 28, 2011

Naked for Satan - (Melbourne)

  It is sometimes fun to compare the real thing,  with a shop which is found thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet,  trying to emulate a Pintxo bar from Basque country in Spain!    Although Naked for Satan down south is better known for their mon–wed and sun night cheaper pintxos at only AUD $0.80 each whereas the normal pintxo price remains $2.0 during peak hours.   On average this makes it more or less on par with the price in real Basque country.   So we’re definitely comparing apples with apples here,  and drinks in Basque are way cheaper too but served at much smaller proportions.    I think they kind of even out in the end.  What it comes down to finally, is the end quality !!



The decoration is hardcore -
Will there be a real Basque bar experience here?
We’ll find out after 2 separate visits




Pintxos and Vodka
but there is more to it than advertised…

Txakoli wines,  imported from Basque country are also available here -
In stark contrast to the much simpler bars in Basque San Sebastian,
Naked for Satan seems to be quite well decorated !  Leaving a great 1st impression !




Txakoli -
Nice dry and crisp,
it is a pretty unique wine in fact.  Table wine quality but very un-Aussie in style!



Apple Cider from Dirty Granny -
This on the other hand,  tasted really different to a Basque cider.  Made locally in Aust,  this was much bolder and aerated.   European ciders on average,  don’t taste so fresh in my opinion..

Rice Ball, Cream Cheese and Quince Pasta,
with Jamon Pintxo (behind) -
The bread proportion was a little too thick,  and the presentation was not as 3 dimensionally good looking as the Basque equivalents..    The jamon quality wasn’t very good and marbled either.   The rice ball with cheese fared better   ~   6/10



Fried Sardine with Tomato and Aioli -
Tasted ok,  but didn’t really looked the deal and in proportion  ~   7/10



Sausage and Onion Pintxo -
The piece of bread was again too thick and wasn’t sliced diagonally enough!   This also didn’t feel very Basque Spanish.   Quite lovely nevertheless ~   6.9/10



Smoked Trout Egg with Prawns,
Smoked Chili Mussels with chickpea -
Formula was good,  but proportion and attraction wise it was mediocre…  ~   6/10


French Chevre cheese with grilled Capsicum on toast, 
Tomato with Avocado spread and Pine nuts -
Some of these are randomly given out to the tables.
Tastes ok,  but not very sophisticated ~   6.5/10

Bacalao Croquettes -
A little too milkily washed and robbing it of salted cod flavours.  The inside was a bit too floury rather than slightly bechamel like.  Good but not excellent ~  7/10

Meat Ball Pintxo -
This was probably the one I loved the most!  The meatball was tender and the sauce was decently herbed…   ~   8/10





The Bar and Food section -
Nice array of food selections



Tinto de Verano -
A simple version of a Sangria using wine and a lemony soda.
* Advertised here as being of Basque origin, 
although this is not true at all..  unlike a Kalimotxo with coke


Lychee & Ginger infused Vodka -
At $9.80 a shot it’s not cheap,  but it was certainly full of the abovementioned infused tastes!
Loved it !

Also available is Kalimotxo,
A popular coke and red wine drink,  also found in HK here at Mesa 15 (Hong Kong).



A typical plate you bring back to the table here,
And keep the toothpicks to pay the tab.


Gilda,  with Olives, Anchovies and Peppers -
The anchovies didn’t taste like proper ‘anchoas’ but more like ‘boquerones’,  but the rest of the peppers and olives tasted real enough to the real thing,  such as served here:   Garbola Bar (San Sebastian,  Basque Spain)    ~   6/10



Melbourne’s closest to an authentic Pintxos & Vodka Bar..
Drinks are right up there with Spanish standards if not more,
Although the food quality is definitely a question mark for now as they look like they need a bit of love and caress to bring them up to another level!
Incidentally,  the first time I’ve ever had Basque Pintxos that were tabbed and calculated based on remaining ‘toothpicks’ wasn’t in Basque Spain, but in Melbourne.  Even though the older system might have or still exist in the very few Pintxo shops there.   Guess that says a lot about how updated/outdated this place or even Wikipedia is, compared to the real thing in 2011!!


Price: AUD $20 per person
Score:  ♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC 2065
Ph:  03 9416 2238


  1. for some reason, your reviews are a lot more convincing than the many out there. maybe because you've been to spain. you seem to know what you're eating too!

  2. Michelle,

    I never let my own biases over-ride what I deem to be more closer to the truth (though my truth and others truth are different haha!).

    I'm just reporting it as is, and I guess my photos act as evidence :D I never used to take photos until around 2.5 years ago. Now I keep taking too much haha. But it was hard to take photos in Naked for Satan, the lighting was non-existent!



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