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Restaurante Bar Egosari - ( San Sebastian, Spain)

  Donostia,  Basque speech for what is otherwise better know as San Sebastien in Spanish and English.  The whole Basque-Spanish language here was totally unfamiliar to me and I couldn’t recognise much words,  which equally applies to running about in Girona.   Think about it really,  why would the locals call it Donostia and everyone else refers to it as San Sebastian, when it totally doesn’t make any  sense!    The city is tiny but almost all of the shops,  architecture,  bars and eateries were pretty classy.   San Sebastian has more Michelin stars per capita than any other city, even including Paris and Tokyo.   I hope it does live up to the expectations.



No way, oh come on pretty damn it…   A Fuego Negro was closed today!  seriously  -
Down the same Pinchos famous street in town and highly regarded for their molecular style Pinchos (Basque style Tapas with bread),  A Fuego Negro was unfortunately not open during my 3 stays here.  It closes on Sunday and Monday mostly,  and I walked right past on the day it was meant to be open.  What a waste and perhaps not to be,  but I will be back!




Restaurante Bar Egosari -
Also highly rate locally in San Sebastian,
for providing traditional yet innovative combinations of flavours.



Hongos -
It was hongos season,  which is an aromatic Porcini mushroom.




Pinchos (as spelt here) and also Brochetta grill sticks not already cooked -
Search online, and they tell you Basque pinchos or pintxos arrive with a toothpick that’s  to be calculated at the end of the meal when you pay.
   Well I’m in San Sebastian in Basque-Spain right this moment,  and guess what,  the sticks were hardly anywhere to be found.   Instead, what the bar tenders do here is try keeping a tab on what you’ve picked from the trays and eaten.  Note to myself:  Pinchos with sticks out of fashion nowadays…Interesting pinchos upwards of 15-20 choices are available here costing on average Euro1,50 each,  I’ve got to say… this was bloody good value for its complexity and thoughtfulness Angel



Sidra (Vaso) - 0,80 Euro
Basque produced Apple Cider is not yet in season during this visit,  which is a big event here.   I luckily managed to get myself a cup,  and it was fairly light and slightly gassed.  Fairly different to the UK and Northern France in style,  and hard to describe.  It was subtle… 


A caña beer -
A small local beer.   Note these are served in drinking water glasses,  as is the norm in casual bars and restaurants throughout Europe or anywhere else replicating the true experience.



Bacalao Con Hongos – Euro 2,90
Bacalao with seasonal Porcini mushrooms was presented on a toasted bread,  called montadito down in Catalonia but representational of a true pincho up North.   This was good, and the flavours were more sophisticated than its appearance for a simple pincho/tapa.   ~   9/10



Tinto Rioja Alavesa -  Euro 1,10
I was equally surprised of the small pours of red Rioja wine but then it is reflective of the equally absurd low pricing which comes to less than 10HKD dollars.   I could drink 100 of these lol Confused smile





Croqueta -
As a pincho and not a racione,  this croqueta was presented on a piece of baguette like bread, like a montadito.  Topped with a bit of Jamon Iberico ham.  Lovely  ~   8/10




Patata Panadera, Foie Fresco, Hongos Salteados  & Queso Rallado -  Euro 1,50
The Basque gentleman standing next to me explained in English,  how this thinly sliced potato,  fresh duck foie gras,  with Rallado cheese and the seasonal Porcini on toast was the result of French Queen Isabel II loving the Spanish-Basque country so much during her vacation and probably brought about this delicacy to the city.   This is one of the serendipitous finds when traveling abroad and meeting fellow passionate foodies.  Seared foie gras is fragrant but the poêlé grilled version is surprisingly found here in Spain rather than in France.  Looking at the complexity of layers for a merely 1,50 Euro pincho,  I think I’m happy enough to give it a perfect mark for Basque  ~   10/10




Espinacas Spinach with Prawns and a Scrambled Eggs ‘Revuelto de Setas’ in a Potato Nest -  Euro 1,50
Seriously.  This was not only tasteful but it was dirt cheap,  and it is not so easily made.  What else can we as a customer really ask for ?   ~   9/10




Queso Idiazabal -  Euro5,50
One of the most famous Sheep’s milk cheeses in the Basque area,  this was almost like a semi-hard cheese and flavourful plus gamey.   This worked really well with the bread in the background.   Definitely a unique cheese and richer than say an Italian pecorino.   ~  9/10




A lot more Jamon and local cheese based Pinchos -
To be tried next time.  And yes, once again, these are missing the Toothpicks… 
Someone must be relying on Wikipedia too much!




One can also find here some Basque favourites,
Such as local soup Sopa de Pescado,   Kokotxas con Almejas fish cheek based racione, Txipirones frescos a la planca,  Bacalao al Pil Pil fish sauce, etc.   To wrap things up,  San Sebastian is a foodies heaven whichever way you look at it.  Many of the shop I contemplated about going to were also presented immaculately.   But Basque food,  is not only limited to the Spanish borders.   French Basque side also houses a few French-Basque pincho shops,  probably unbeknown to the world.   Such as at French ruled Biarritz just North of here.




Price: Euro $17,00 per person
Score:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  Calle de Fermin Calbeton, 15, San Sebastian, Donostia, Spain
Ph: 943428210


  1. My mom complained that most of the stuff in spain that she had were salty.... Maybe she didn't know where to go. hahaha.

  2. You know what I just mentioned the same thing to a friend yesterday. Coz what I ate vs what I see other people eating, are actually quite different. Whereas if I went to Japan, everybody will be eating at the same shops!

    I didn't read travel guides, but I usually do a quick chowhound search, and also walk throughout the whole city then target the ones I want to prioritise! I should bring a skateboard next time... much less foot work!

  3. Yo soy un amante de la comida. He probado un montón de platos italianos, pero no me trató Patata Panadera todavía. Me encantaría visitar Bar Egosari comer esto.



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