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Anada - (Melbourne)

 I miss food in Melbourne and one of the bigger differences I discovered between eating in Europe and Australia in general,  is that International food varieties available in the latter country is multiple times overly more diversified,  people just expect to have everything!   For example one will probably struggle to find great Japanese food in France,  or Chinese food in Denmark or Switzerland, etc.   Cities like New York,  Melbourne or Sydney,  Tokyo,  Hong Kong, Singapore, London are thus considered as International Culinary Cities because they offer basically anything you desire to eat.   Within  these cities there are also micro differences and information gaps to be fulfilled -  E.G. you will never get a top quality Japanese Ramen or Hong Kong style Wonton Noodles in Australia just because the recipes aren’t too right or are restricted by ingredient availability,  but the Melbourne roasted Char Siu pork are improving and better than London & Singapore but still not HK standards.   Australia also has lots of Korean restaurants these days but most of them only cook food that customers want rather than what Koreans actually eat at home,  but Regional Chinese cuisines in Australia are probably more loyal to the original Chinese cities than the ones in HK.   And in Hong Kong you cannot get any remotely good Taiwanese food,  but Melbourne is better in this aspect.  It really depends on how greedy you want to be!!   One of the cuisines that Melburnians can be proud of and really excel in is definitely Spanish cuisine.  


The Bread here is a little Grainy -
If that makes sense.  It’s soft but not crusty,  almost like ciabatta.   Anada was one of my past favourite Spanish joints and I really do miss their Vine Leaves Wrapped Mackerel with Orange Blossom and crushed Pistachio.  The Sherry selections here are also amazing by the glass.. 

Let’s have a glass of crisp Fino Sherry to start off the night…

Palm Heart with Boquerone Anchovies & Pickled Peppers -
Elegant.  Couldn’t fault it.  The flavours were quite authentic Spanish with a splash of Olive OIl..  ~  9/10

Joselito Grand Reserva 36 months Iberico Ham -
The hams came slightly pre-heated as per sometimes encountered with Spanish Jamon houses.   The translucent fat layers were apparent from the warming up process.  This was really great and I happen to like machine-sliced Jamons across the grain.  Very high quality ham.   ~  9/10

Some specially sourced Spanish Wines and Beers -
The sherry offering here is also amazing, 
check the blackboard.

Rabbit Empanadillas -
A smaller version of an empanada and made with rabbit here,  it was slightly spicy ~ 8/10


Crumbed Lamb Brains with Pork belly lentils -
The one here was cooked well with the lentil beans and some fatty belly, somehow I thought this was more Italian but anyway the one at Giueseppe Arnaldo & Sons was neater looking and tasted really right and addictive.   Not bad ~  7/10 

Charcoal Grilled Sardines with Vine Leaves, Pistachio and Orange Blossom Sauce

Utterly amazing,  I used to like the Vine leave wrapped Mackerel even more.  I think it depends on season but both versions are so Mediterranean..  Can’t rave about this dish enough and one of the reasons to come to Anada again and again…  ~  15/10



More Estrella Galicia Beer -
It’s slightly different to the Estrella Damm and Estrella Inedit versions.

Fried Cauliflower with Zataar and House Yoghurt -
Smells great.  Just had a similar dish in Denmark, I am a cauliflower convert.  ~  9/10

House Made Blood Sausage Morcilla with Quail Egg and Fried Scallions -
The Morcilla was deemed ok but slightly dry,  but overall this was a good combination.  ~  7/10

Charcoal Grilled Shark Bay King Prawns,  from Western Australia
with Salmorejo & Crispy Pancetta -

I like Spanish red prawns but these weren’t quite doing it.  The flavours and cooking were great though,  if it could do with the real Mediterranean prawns. There are some local Australian king prawns I bought from the market which were quite good and like the red prawns ..  ~  7/10

More Manzanilla sherry -
I just love dryer sherries. 
No offence to the Palo Cortados and the P.X’s. 

Crema Catalana -
Crema Catalana is not crème brulee,  the recipes are similar but not the same.  The Spanish version has flour to thicken it up rather than bain marie bathed to custard cream consistency.  It also has more orange zest flavour usually.  I thought this was decent but the crust was a little too thick,  it was obviously not the blow torched version but poured with hot sugar liquid.   ~  7/10




Anada is simply so Good…
I have been to other Spanish joints like the multiple outlets of Movida’s or say Bar Lourinha numerous times over.  To be precise I went to the different Link: Movida shops 7 times last year.  But the food in Anada is slightly more approachable and well seasoned,  it’s sensual with a delicate touch and doesn’t drive up your thirst from overly salted food  (which is just so Spanish too!).  I also ate a Crispy Pork Belly dish that night with Fennel seed and Smoky Aubergine,  pity I forgot to take that photo as I gobbled it down way too quickly : (   It happens…  Wouldn’t mind if someone sends me a replacement photo as I am becoming a bit nostalgic about it !



Price:  AUD $80 Per Person
Ease of Access:  4/5  (Tram takes you nearly in front of the shop)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon to Fri 6pm - 11pm
Sat to Sun Noon - 11pm

Address: 197 Gertrude Street  Fitzroy VIC
Ph: (03)9415 6101

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