Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hakata Ippudo Differences - (Hong Kong)

 I have to admit I have been to Ippudo HK outlets more than 10 times by now and even within this month along I am paying my 4th visit already. I think Ippudo in HK is slightly confusing even for a regular customer myself - did you know that the Tsim Sha Tsui outlet is the flagship store and carries the most variety of items? But in the 3 Hong Kong outlets at Causeway Bay, Central and Admiralty, also serve ramens which are not available on the Kowloon side of town? 

At Tsim Sha Tsui’s Store in Kowloon -
  - Much more snacks than on Hong Kong Island's 3 outlets.
  - Unique Kasane (かさね) Ramen. Chicken x Pork broth. This is very good and fragrant.
  - New 博多醬油拉麵 (中華そば) is a new item and quite good with a clear soy broth.
  - 辣肉味噌拉面 (からか麺) - The chili miso pork mince noodles. Only available on the Kowloon side and served with a unique thin curly noodles.

The below items are offered on the HK Island side outlets and the Spicy Tsukemen is a seasonal variation and quite enjoyable.  I personally think this set up is slightly confusing customers but I guess the Kowloon store’s kitchen is bigger.  Yet other shops have their own unique flavours.


Fried Chicken with Vinegar -
This is surprisingly very good! 

Akamaru Shinaji 赤丸新味 -
This is available at all shops and was the famous 2nd flavour invented at Ippudo.  It has more kick from spicy miso, garlic oil and more fatty bits 背脂 which is quite Japanese like.  I love eating this version the lot but it’s fatty and I just don’t drink much soup then.   And remember to special order the noodles Super Hard  *thumbs up!*

Fried Pork Skewers 一口豚カツ
Very lovely marbles and great flavour.  It’s actually surprising again.

Stir Fried Vegetables -

Chicken Gyoza Dumplings -
In general,  Gyozas served in HK are terrible,  just like Kushiyaki shops here.
Don’t ask me why.  But these ones were by HK Standards,  still edible.

Fried Calamari -  with Salt & Pepper
A little oily,  but still quite nice.

Shoyu Tonkosu Ramen -
I used to like this a lot, as it has shoyu and fish powder in it and the noodles are more Yokohama style, thick and straight. But sometimes, it can be too overwhelmed by the Bonito powder.

Miso Tonkotsu -
Quite decent if you like Miso.  I prefer the Hokkaido or Shishu 信州 versions of Miso Ramens though.

Onsen Egg on Hamburg -

Spicy Tsukemen with Cashew Nuts and Minced Meat -  Fish x Tonkotsu Broth
This is like a spicy Spaghetti Bolognaised actually and we all liked it,  but it probably ate better without the dipping broth.   It’s quite HOT !!  Beware..


Address and Opening Hour details for the 3 Hong Kong Outlets and 1 Kowloon Main Shop details, visit:

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