Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zeughaus Keller - (Zurich, Switzerland)

 This restaurant is famously found alongside the famous shopping strip at Zurich’s bahnhofstrasse,  it’s definitely not for the budget minded.  The food was generally good but it was actually the worst meal that we ate on this trip.  Let’s just say this is probably why I am doubly upset lately as it is all relative?   Despite being the most lowly rated meal we ate on this trip - this was still quite decent and as I say again execution really is the key and it was spot on here.  I would still come back to this ‘worst’ restaurant of all the meals again but it was expensive in comparison!  It’s just that the other places performed so immaculately and were taken for granted.   If this was the worst meal we had in the one week,  you can imagine how good the rest of the meals were.   I can’t even begin to tell you but I honestly can’t fault most foods.. 


Touristy yet menu was diversified, with so many regional local dishes..
Zurich-Swiss food has a slightly German and Austrian accent,
but also had many Switzerland regional dishes.   One can’t explore them all at once. Sad smile


Live Artillery -
Good sense of humour!



Baked Bread -
This very Zurich Bread style is found everywhere.   Swiss Airline used the same butter on the way back too. No surprises.   ~ 7/10



Air Dried Mountain Ham,  Beef and Sbrinz Cheese – CHF 23.50
Kind of big on portions.  Not cheap but it was substantially portioned for a small eater like me.. ~  8/10


Sausage Vaudois,  from Canton of Vaud – CHF 27,80
This regional sausage was amazing with cabbage inside and quite thick in girth.  I didn’t know to order this until the staff suggested it as a regional specialty from French-Swiss border side, but there are so many more different sausages available indeed.   Absolutely adored it for the garlicky note with sauerkraut.   Still a novice when it comes to Swiss sausage offerings   ~  10/10


Jugged Venison Hirschpfeffer – CHF 30,50
Venison deer meat is garnished with Croutons,  Bacon Bits,  Pearl onions, Egg and Button Mushrooms.   With Red Cabbage,  Glazed Chestnuts and a grilled home made Spaetzle pasta.
  This is just so rich and gamey yet carrying components so representative of Switzerland,  but is also kind of a German dish as well.  It was expensive but you wouldn’t regret ordering it it was addictive.  ~  9/10



Roesti.  Or is it Rosti -
It’s kind of like a fried hashed potato.  Do u remember the ones from Denny’s during breakfast?  I used to eat that a lot in HK and Japan and also in Australia but now there is none in HK and Aust left!    This is a Swiss side dish also recently found throughout cafes in Australia.   Seems trendy.   But eating without one in Swiss is treated as weird,  it is a must order item here.  This is good rather than great as it was Just a little too wet ~  6.5/10



A couple of Beers and Wines -
As is the norm




It was Cozy but Touristy -
Service was Cocky rather than Patchy.   You need to learn how to talk and manipulate your way through here.  One particular server was exceptionally rude at the beginning but got better later on when I gave her back the attitude..



The whole mustard thing seemed a bit German.  I guess they eat a lot of Sausages…
Subtle differences that you need a microscopic view to see the details to tell them apart?



Price:  CHF $35 Per Person
Ease of Access:  5/5  (Take Tram and stops Infront.  Opposite Confiserie Sprungli.)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon to Sun:  11.30am - 23.00pm

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 28a 8001 Zürich
Ph:: 044 211 26 90

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