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粵 Yue , Gold Coast Hotel - (Hong Kong)

Yue 粵 at Gold Coast Hotel,   is not to be mistaken with the same named restaurant at Michelin 1* awarded Yue 粵 at North Point’s City Garden Hotel  (Review:  Yue - North Point ).    Both Yue’s belong to the same SINO Hotel Group and sometimes both sister restaurants do share their most popular recipes on the menu.   The biggest recent change for YUE on Gold Coast is that it is now manned by renowned Chef Chow Hon Ling,  who was one of the original master head chefs for 農圃飯店 Farm House Restaurant.    The Dim Sums at YUE Gold Coast have always been famous and noted for their precision,  and this time around we also got re-united with Chef Chow.   He has been one of the pioneers of Cantonese cuisines in Hong Kong over the years.



Yue @  Gold Coast -




Wood Ear Fungus in Vinegar & Goji,  XO Sauce,  Braised Beef Shins -
A trio of starters and sauces to start off the night,  the wood ear fungus was very appetizing.  The X.O. Sauce could do with more dried prawns and ham personally…   Beef Shins were slightly chili and whets the appetite   ~  8/10 


Double-boiled Fish Maw and Pork Lung with King Almond Juice – $98
Most local foodies already know the 陸羽  Luk Yu Tea House version during Dinner time is hard to beat as a reference point,  and I happen to concur as so far I haven’t found any better.     I have just tried 3 of the same soup this week alone including one from The Chairman,  and I have to say Luk Yu really are onto something secretive with their method of preparation.   The version here included Fish Maw and was more savory,  boiled for 4 hours until thickened,  gelatinous and very almond-ny.   This version is almost up to par with Luk Yu’s version and way better than the 香港大學同學會 HK University Alumni’s version.   Chef Chow is renowned for his soups for a reason.   ~  8.5/10



Base of Carrot & Chicken Stock simmered for 6 Hours,  with Marinated then Flash-fried Sabah Grouper fish,   topped with Dried White Baits,  Black Fungus and Chinese Zucchini – $288
This dish again shined with it’s flavorful soup sauce base which Chef Chow prides himself on for not taking shortcuts.   The fish was cooked well as is expected,  but what elevated this dish and not written on the original menu was the addition of the toasted white baits on top. ~  8.5/10



Black Pepper & Honeyed Sauce,   Grilled then Braised M9 Australian Wagyu
wrapped with Portobello Mushroom & Asparagus -   $288
Actually I already expected this to be slightly overcooked despite the menu stating it is cooked to 50-60% only,  but at the end of the day the honeyed black-pepper sauce was decent and I liked the diced mushrooms inside,  instead of the usual Enoki mushroom strands.  Just wished the beef was less cooked and perhaps the sauce less sweet personally speaking.    ~  6.9/10



Porcini Mushroom with Braised Sea Cucumber & Fried Shrimp Roes – $298
This was probably the piece of resistance for me for the night apart from the pig’s lung soup,  the brown sauce was filled with fried prawn roe umami flavours,  which accentuated the base Sea Cucumber which took hours to re-hydrate and cook properly.   Notice the mushrooms skin edges were cut out by a circular mould cleanly,  such attention to details are just like Japanese Kaiseki.   ~  9/10




御膳宮廷骨 – $188
Braised and Fried Pork Ribs marinated with Sweet, Sour,  Chili,  Sugar & Honey for 4 Hours
Meant to be an Imperial dish and the pork rib wrapped in grass strands,  it was served with some fried crouton strip.    This was interesting as it definitely had a few flavours all going on.   ~  7.5/10



瑤柱扎肚浸高山菜 – $188
Poached Fish Maw with Mini Celery Cabbage & Conpoy

This is probably a trusted Cantonese classic dish but I didn’t try any as I wasn’t in my primest state that night.  Was told that this was cooked decently.   ~  N/A


Deep Fried Chicken Wings filled with Conpoy,  Yunnan Ham,  Dried Shrimps,   Black & Glutinous Rice  – $58 each
Chef Leung invented this for Farmhouse back in the days,  and if you have been to his previous Cha Chaan Teng restaurant Hing Kee in Causeway Bay,  you will definitely notice his latest accent of adding in Black Rice just to differentiate from his past recipe at Farmhouse.    A taste of heavy spice like cumin,   was definitely more toned down in this hotel version,    I think it could do with even more Yunnan ham or other bolder Prawn or Dried Sausages flavour,  to be stuffed beneath the paper thin crispy skin for now.   ~  8/10

Inside the Stuffed Chicken Wing -
With conpoy, ham and dried shrimps,  and two types of glutinous rice.


純魚湯西洋菜餃 -
Fried Fish Soup and Watercress Dumplings -
The base soup was made from primarily 鰂魚 and 2 other fishes to make a base broth.  The Dumplings are filled with pork meat and watercress.   It is simple and executed right.   ~  7/10




Baked Milk Tart with Birds Nest -
This was not an egg tart base and probably works better with birds nest.  Chef Chow mentioned this was baked fresh especially for us during dinner.   Personally I think this summarizes our experience of what to expect here at Yue Gold Coast.    It can be thoughtful and comes with a personal touch,  the Chef is passionate about food and can cook well.   Can Chef Chow lead his  team to attain his Michelin Star at the end of the year to follow up with sister restaurant Yue North Point,  is the ultimate question.    I believe he could as the food was prepared with meticulous care.




Price:  $600 + 10% Per Person  (Visit was by Invitation by Yue,  Gold Coast)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 屯門青山公路1號香港黃金海岸酒店低層地下
1 Castle Peak Road,  Gold Coast Hotel,  Tuen Mun,  Kowloon,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2452 8668

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  1. When I visited Hong Kong a couple of years back, I was able to visit this Gold Coast Yue restaurant. However, it is not the same as that in the North Point’s Garden Hotel, even if both belong to the same group. I prefer North Point’s menu and preparation.



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